Too Far To Payday :(

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by djohno24, Sep 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys

    Just to let everyone know that for 25 quid you can get a loan until payday, i used it a few months ago and using it again now for the weekend on the urine in Blackpool.
    Anyway if anyone want to take one out i used this link

    There not bad just dont get too much or you'll be skint next month again
  2. On yer way chancer.
    25 quid for a Hundred you're having a laugh.
    Anyone who is in short term Financial difficulty would be better seeing their frindly Imprest or Pay bod (or JPA terminal is it nowadays?) for an advance from pusser.
    Strictly for harsdhip cases not just going on the pish, perhaps.
  3. In other words, stick you payday loans up your arse.
  4. Ever heard of anyone being discharged shore for financial irresponsibility djohno? I have.

    Unless of course you're just a spammer.
  5. What a mugs game that'll fall into the "never-ending" trap. Best just to bum off yer oppo's as was always the case....
  6. If you like that kind of deal no wonder your financially in the shit
  7. Djohno24.... I didn't realise your were here as well you tosspot. Take your spam and flush it up your arse. If you need to borrow money like that to go on the piss you are very sad.....

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