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Tony Hatley Rip


War Hero
Tony Hateley RIP

"I remember in the kop in about 1968,The ground was covered in fog. Tony Hateley scored in the Anny road end. The kop sang, we want to know who scored,We want to know who scored, The Anny road sang Tony Hatley,Tony Hateley .RIP
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Tony Hateley, known as “Big Tone” and later “The Headmaster”, went on to score 77 goals in 131 appearances for Notts County, but by 1963 was keen to move on and, in a foretaste of the antics of modern footballers, refused to sign a new contract. “If I am going to make anything of myself in this game I don’t think I can stay where I am any longer,” he protested, making front page news. “This is not like any other job. I only have 12 years to make a living in the game. I must make the most of it.” First division Aston Villa responded, signing Hateley for £20,000. The striker maintained his excellent scoring record, notching up a goal every two games before moving on, in 1966, to Chelsea, where he was seen as a replacement for injured Peter Osgood. Chelsea paid a record fee for Hateley, but sold him on after a single season to Liverpool. Both clubs preferred slick passing games to the deep crosses and long-balls that best-suited him. Spells at Coventry and Birmingham City followed, before he returned to his first club, Notts County. There he returned to form and led the team to the Fourth Division title. After two seasons he moved briefly to Oldham Athletic, before trying his luck in North America soccer, with the Boston Minutemen. After 16 seasons as a professional, however, his knees were not up to the unforgiving artificial American playing surfaces. Unsuccessful efforts to break into management followed, and Hateley, who settled on Merseyside, became a sales rep for a brewery. As time passed, he became most famous as the father of Mark Hateley, a striker who played for AC Milan and Rangers and was capped 32 times for England. Mark’s son, Tom, is a currently a professional footballer in Poland.

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