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Tony giving it up!

The sooner he goes,the better.He is an unpricipled liar and probably the second biggest risk to any form of peace in this world.
It was quoted only a crisis would save him!!!!!

And he has the blessing of his master across the pond.

Where is the next crisis do you think IRAQ or North Korea.

Personally I agree nothing has changed since he was first elected only that we as a nation are at war on two fronts.
As a young man he made a bold decision to get married. Looking at his choice of wife makes me think that if he can make decisions like that he should not be allowed to make major decisions for the nation
[big smile] I mean [open hands gesture], c'mon guys [tip of the head]. I'm [hands again] just like you really. I play my guitar [hands...] and drink in local pubs when I've got friends round [head] - so what if they're the President of America and I get a 2000 yd exclusion zone placed around the pub?...[hands] [smile]

...thank YOU Tony.
Tony Blair was a good PM during his first 4 years, in his second term his performance left much to be desired. Third term, like Maggie it seems to have gone to his head. Is it time to follow the Americans and restrict any prime minister to two terms of office?

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