Tony giving it up!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. So what's the general feel for Mr. Blair giving his position as our great leader, up??


    Answers on a post card peeps :wink:
  2. A YEAR!!!!!
    We have to put up with him for another bloody Year??????
    Why cant he just resign on Monday and be out of No 10 by Wednesday!its not like hes gonna move stuff himself is it????
  3. out, out, out, out. get out now!
  4. I keep thinking of Julian Amery quoting Cromwell, I think, with Neville Chamberlain in 1940...

    In the name of God, GO!
  5. I despise the Grinning Jackanapes, and dearly want him to go.
    But who do you want to replace him? I cannot see blue water between him and Cameron, and as for Brown, well!
  6. Ah,theres the Rub!
  7. All ********* , nearly all out for there own ends , no body trust's any of them anymore , Fxxxxxxxxg parisites , :twisted:
  8. AS always I say COULD YOU DO HIS JOB ? lets face it NO . you probably have trouble doing yours ?????
  9. Blair -bashing, like US bashing, is becoming somewhat of a fashion at the moment.

    I don't vote labour - never had any incling to. I don't particularly like Mr Blair's style - never have done. But what has he done to get everyone so "anti" that he hasn't been doing since he got in power?

    The Tony Blair of the '90s seems very similar to the Tony Blair of the present.

    "D'ya hear thar! The last band-wagon is leaving from platform 2!"

  10. I have no problem doing my job , pleasure to go to work , best job I've ever had , love it love it, :D
  11. I'm a Sales and marketing Director.....that's all Tony is....i.e. Spin Doctor...No depth or substance....Just like me....I could do his job...!
  12. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Nothing different, however, the lies keep getting bigger!

    In the beginning, there was no objective evidence on which to judge his performance:

    - when he said "Education, education, education" we took him at his word. Today, exam perfomance is improving, yet employers claim that our young can't read, can't write and are unemployable while the universities are offering courses to allow people to get up the required standard (i.e. the standard that used to be A Level a few years ago).

    - when he said "The NHS is our priority" we took him at his word. Today we hear about military personnel from Iraq & Afghanistan being treated in mixed sex and age wards desite a promise of military wards; we hear of hospitals being threatened with closure despite more money being spent on health, of drugs not being available, of going on waiting lists for a waiting list and so on.

    - when he said Joined Up Government, we took them at his word. Today we know this is pure spin, unadulterated by reality!

    - when TB said no more sleaze, we took him at his word. Let's see, Prescott, Blunkett, Mandellson (twice), Hewitt, Cherie Blair and so on. They've completely demolished the electorate's trust in the whole political system by their black and white legalistic approach to interpreting what constitutes misconduct and acceptable behaviour.

    Agreed, however we've now got the evidence on which to judge him.
  13. I always thought he was a shifty looking bugger. Not quite one of us, you understand.
  14. You only have to look at his wife!!
  15. Quite!

  16. Could'nt make a brew from her Gusset could we , that would be far worse than Anchovies "imon" , dread the thought , :twisted:
  17. Sorry ....can't stop wretching...........
  18. The sooner he goes,the better.He is an unpricipled liar and probably the second biggest risk to any form of peace in this world.
  19. It was quoted only a crisis would save him!!!!!

    And he has the blessing of his master across the pond.

    Where is the next crisis do you think IRAQ or North Korea.

    Personally I agree nothing has changed since he was first elected only that we as a nation are at war on two fronts.
  20. As a young man he made a bold decision to get married. Looking at his choice of wife makes me think that if he can make decisions like that he should not be allowed to make major decisions for the nation

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