Tony Blairs Speech?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ET(WE)Sutton, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. Does Any Body Know Were you can watch his speech about the T-boat Replacements Today?

    All Info Would Be Greatfully Recieved.
  2. BBC Parliament might be a good place to start? (24hr coverage of Parliament)
  3. thank you
  4. Do we need them :?: Surely the troops on the ground could do with better equipment :!:
  5. Yes.

    Also yes.

    The point I'm making that in terms of "Effect" they are designed to achieve different things. They are only related (unfortunately) because they need to compete for cash.

    Now that is the argument to have - where the money should come from......
  6. We could save an awfull lot of money if illegal immigrants/assylum seekers were turned back at the airport/ports instead of letting them sponge of the state for the 6 months or more it takes to decide if they should be sent home, only to find the they have gone to ground, but i digress :x
  7. Not sure why anyone would want to listen to his tonyness in the 1st place, this man has promised the British Public the earth, better health, education etc, etc and not delivered.

    His government has told the Navy they were getting 8 T45's - believe it when I see it.

    Don't forget this man was a card carrying member of CND, and he is responsible for the criminal downsizing of our armed forces at the same time as increasing their comitments.
  8. mikh

    Well spotted!

  9. Ditto , I dont think anyone in the Labour Government has served in the Armed Forces , bunch of Fxxxxxxxxxxg Lawyers the lot of them ,

    Sorry about that "Rosie" , little rant over

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