Tony Blairs conversion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. At least we now know why Blair allowed 700,000 Polish to arrive in this country.The Roman Catholic churches are now full and Father Tony has changed to being a Catholic!
    Now is this a coincidence>?I think not.
    I really have no religion, let people get on with it but just about every other EU country said not just yet.
    Not Tony and now I suspect why.
  2. Nah! He just does what the gobby scouse tart tells him. Quite right that he couldn't show his colours while still sitting in the driving seat. I wonder what else was going on behind the dark curtains of his mind.
  3. No wonder he gets on well with Dubya.

    I bet they have some fantastic three-way conversations.
  4. Er, if it wasn't for the Polish we'd probably be speaking German.
    303 Squadron RAF (later Polish Air Force) and other Polish Sqs were the most effective fighter Sqs in the Battle of Britain, various high up RAF types in RAF histories have commented that without the Poles the RAF would have been destroyed and GB would probably have been invaded. At that time the British Army would have been as effective as the French had been.
    Later Churchill and Roosevelt both reneged on agreements with the Polish Government in Exile that Poland would, once liberated, be free, as they were bricking themselves that Stalin would do another deal with Hitler (Like he did in '39, The Pact of Steel, which enabled Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia to divide and then begin the annihilation of the Polish people).
    Polish veterans where treated like sh!t by the very people, ie the English, that through their efforts had been saved from a land war in the SE of England.
    Little Englanders have a very short memory.
  5. Next to the Brits the poles put up the most pilots in the BOB.

    Pity our Tony never converted to the Jewish faith that would have taken the smile of his face :bball:
  6. The Polish Free forces [Army,Navy and Air Forces ] were not allowed to march in the great Victory parades held in London either.

    The Poles were given a choice after the WW2 regarding their return to
    their home country -----the ones that did return most of them were despised by the then communist government .
    Stalin ordered the captured remnants of the Polish Armed forces [the ones that weren't massacred at Katyn Forest ] to Siberia with their families.
    However because the allies were getting short of fighting men in 1942 ??
    Churchill managed to convince the Russians to release them---the Poles had to march on foot and joined the allies via Iran .

    They subsequently made a name for themselves at Cassino and the European advances after D-day.

    Very brave guys and genuine people . Loads of them and their descendants still in Scotland.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  7. FFS, I thought he'd converted to SOCIALISM !
  8. The Poles that arrived circa 1940, were here to fight back for what they had lost Not necessarily to assist the UK
    Those that stayed were givers and mixed well, though keeping their own little communities

    The ones arriving now are Takers, out for all they can get for nothing
    because Uk give them (a family of four) £160pw tax free on top of their earnings, free health exemption certificates half price housing at a standard sixty times better than at home
    Thats the Poles taken care of Now about the other scum Latvians Lithuanians Czechs, you name it our till is open, come and get your money here folks,

    UK Gives nothing to its subjects but abuse, then gives their taxes to foreigners and putting British citizens out of work

    Why pay a Brit £250pw who has to pay full council tax and rent
    When you can pay a foreigner £218pw who pays half council tax no rent and gets given £160pw tax free by HMRC on top of the wage They take

    Does this Government give a toss, NO they are all destined for golden locked pensions of £millions a case of I am alright Jack

    Yes years ago we took in Asians for safety from IDI AMIN but they work damn hard have a strict family life and are polite, and rarely live of the state, not like the scum we take today

    In ten years OZ will be like this and in twenty the KIWI unless they take note,
    Not one politician in the UK has the balls to see what is happening, but they will one day not very long from now
  9. The Polish Airborne Brigade might also have turned the tide of battle at Arnheim, had poor WX and questionable allocation of air assets not delayed them from being in location on time.

    Anyway, let's not diverge from Blare's Finian ways by being beastly to the Poles.

    Dziynkuja; Do widzenia.
  10. There hasn't been an openly Catholic PM since William Pitt the Younger, who if rumours are to believed also belonged to another social minority.
    The entire hierachy of the State is still heavily weighed against Catholics because of the history of the UK.
    Every monarch at their coronation makes an oath to be the defender of the faith, the Protestant faith.
    The systems of the UK are as much involved in religion as many of the countries we perhaps deride for this.
    At state occasions the Duke of Norfolk, the premier Catholic in the country always stands/sits at the monarchs side; and for some very good reasons. One perhaps, to keep an eye on each other, and another to keep your enemy close to you.
    There was a time, not that long ago, when Catholics were about as welcome as a pork chop at a Jewish circumcision celebration. They were considered perhaps in the same light as radical Muslims could be these days (the people not the pork chops).
    I reckon that the influence of the Catholic church played a significant part in many of the decisions of T.B. whilst he was in office.
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I couldn't give a shite if Blair was proddy, catholic, hindu, muslim, jewish or whatever, just so long as he meets his maker sooner rather than later.
  12. If he is now a Catholic then surely that would be the ultimate honour
  13. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There has been some damn fine catholics, Guy Fawkes for one.
  14. Not quite right. The title 'Defender of the Faith' was conferred upon Henry VIII by the Pope, while Henry was still a Roman Catholic. When Henry was subsequently denied permission to divorce one of his wives, he formed the 'Church of England'. The CofE is not a Protestant church, but a Catholic church (note the non-use of the word Roman!). Protestant churches are Lutherian.
  15. some got the the wrong end of it,I like the Poles, I holiday there every year as my son lectures there in Uni.{ place is empty good bargains and holidays to be had]
    Lovely people and I don't blame them for coming for the wedge they can earn[Albie and Rumanains are another story]
    My point was Blair letting in nearly a million people who mostly have said they will stay,they will bring families and in the meantime they can claim child benifit for kids in Poland!That's not right.
    Now as the RC churches are now brimming with people and cash he converts.
    It's a wonder there is not a petition in to make him a saint as he has transformed the RC church in the UK.
    At least the Poles don't want to blow me up.
  16. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Adams and McGuiness must be laughing their heads off.
  17. Can he still skate on thin ice???....or does he walk on water now?? :toilet:
  18. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I understand that after the Fearless talks about Rhodesia there was a kerfuffle about a picture of Harold Wilson being thrown over the side 'in order to see if he could walk on water'.
  19. Harold Wilson's photograph was not "thrown over the side" from HMS FEARLESS. It was scientically conducted flotation test, iwhich could not be repeated as the picture sank! Less lucky was the Captain who had to keep his copy!

    Worthy of note is that we had a Splice the Mainbrace paid for by himself!
  20. Yeah I remember[the worst words in the world to start a conversation] being on the Puma in 65/66 for the Basra patrol.
    There wasn't one member of the crew who wanted to stop ships getting through and when that tanker did get through there was a cheer.
    I know land was parcelled out in favour of white farmers but something could have been agreed to keep a status quo with the locals and feed the people.
    Instead we have a black Hitler/Pol Pot/Stalinist prick who preens in safety as the locals do not have the means to dispose of him.
    He is supported by all the African leaders so no more of my cash goes there unless certified correct.
    If ALL secret African bank accounts were opened by the Swiss then the people would live in luxury but the Swiss will not and we don't have the guts to make it happen.
    E'rr rant over
    Best wishes for the NEW YEar.

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