Tony Blair. Return of the idiot


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An 'Idiot' and he made millions? He played the Labour party like a fish and used the Armed Forces and the country for his own self-aggrandisement and self-enrichment, with the aid of the equally evil Mandelbum and Campbell. He hated England and did his best, rather successfully, to ruin it.


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Blair may not be an idiot but idiot voters are responsible for putting him into Government again and again, indirectly giving us his Broon legacy and turning Blair into the money making machine he is now. Cheers *******.
If that twat thinks we have forgiven him over Iraq then he truly is an idiot, he does not have blood on his hands, he's covered in it and has the arrogance to continue to say that he did the right thing. Hate is too weak a word to describe what I think of him.


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I hope he trips over and falls off a cliff, the cheesy grinned warmonger. There's bugger all left to ruin.
Oh Deep Joy, B'Lier is coming back, wonder how much the torries are paying him. If anything can totally scupper the Liebour party it is B'Lier
Well if he were to come out of hiding then so much the better. The last time was a little short lived after a brave Irish lady in Dublin attempted to administer a citizens arrest at his book signing. Cue duty thug to carry her off ....

Perhaps someone else will have more luck.
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