Tony Blair: I won't be back

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Well to get your thread back on track here's a For Sale sign for the Blessed Saint Tony

  2. I don't know about Tony Bliar...what about his ugly waste of a space wife who spends just as much of the taxpayers hard earned coin and also has gone on numerous trips to talk about 'her n Tony' and life at No 10. Boy, would I love to wipe that ugly smile off of her face. Can't we put her in a RIB, tie her up and send it towards Iran instead?!?!? A bit like Del boy when he was on a jet ski???
  3. Hey, easy on Del-boy, he's my hero as i come from Peckham aswell. :lol: :lol:

    As for Mrs Bliar, i've seen her in real life and i tell you what, she's even more of a minger!!

  4. Not for much longer... :D
  5. Nutty, nothing wrong with Del Boy, just the scenario - I can see it now (I am not RN but I'm qualified to drive RIB's) - gag her, tie her up, strap down, make sure there is enough fuel...and over the territorial waters we go.......

    'No, we don't know who she is, she isn't a British Citizen with that can have her......and we will chick in Bliar......for the 2 RIB's...and Arthur's Ipod...

    Peckham...ooh dear.....;-)
  6. First elected to the House of commons in 1983 at age 30. Britain is now more prosperous, healthier, and better educated than it was a decade ago. During the Kosovo crisis in 1999 Blair wanted ground troops and that idea gave the Clinton team the vapors. A year later Britain restored order in Sierra Leone with the use of force. Nobody called him the President's poodle then. For Blair, armed intervention to remove the Taliban and Saddam was never the only way in which Islamic extremism had to be combatted. Far more than Bush, he identified the need to settle the Israel-Palestine dispute--"Here it is the poison is incubated," he told congress--if radical Islam is to lose its appeal. In Britain, while maintaining a mailed fist against those suspected of crimes, he tried to treat Islam with respect. He took the lead in ensuring that the rich nations kept their promises to aid Africa and lift millions from the poverty and despair that breed support for extremisim. The questions Blair asked--When shouild we meddle in another nation's life? Why should everything be left to the U.S.? What are the wellsprings of mutual cultural and religious respect? How can the west show its strength without using guns?--will continue to be asked for a generation. We will miss him when he's gone.

    Excerpts from an article by Michael Elliot.
  7. I saw a headline that hes in line for a 10 Million £ handshake!!!!!Now thats taking the piss!
  8. "Mine is the first generation able to contemplate the possibility that we may live our entire lives without going to war or sending our children to war."
    Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, May 1997.

    And then the lying cnut sent us to war more times than any PM since WWII with less money each year to do it…

    Hundreds of British service personnel have died to satisfy B'Liars ego and vainglorious crusades and as far as I know he has never even bothered his arse to attend a single funeral or send a single hand written letter. And to cap it all, his actions have brought mass murder in the form of islamic fundementalist terrorism to our streets and still he says 'nuttin to do with me bubs'.

    It would be nice to think that all that blood on his hands would weigh on that worthless barstwards soul, but somehow I don't think it will… psycopaths don't feel remorse.
  9. Cheri Blair - shes a witch, burn her. ;-)
  10. Is that a threat or a promise?
  11. I am still sincerely, surprised that someone hasn't had a go at whacking the twat! Still we have a few weeks left eh?
  12. I'm a witch. During the witch hunts in the 17th century by people such as Matthew Hopkins (duty cnut, close up), witches were burned in Scotland but not in England, where they were mostly hung instead.

    Let's send her to Scotland.

    "Although many people might associate burning at the stake with witchcraft, it was much less used for that offence in Britain than in other parts of Europe - particularly France, Switzerland and the Nordic countries. In England, only a few witches were burnt, the majority were hanged, possibly as a cost saving exercise and possibly because of the risk that the general public would not tolerate frequent use of such a barbaric punishment. Alice Molland is thought to have been the last person hanged for witchcraft, at Exeter in 1686. However, Scotland continued to burn witches and there are at least 38 recorded instances of both sexes, the last in Sutherland in 1722. Witchcraft Acts were repealed there in 1736."

    Or perhaps we should just 'float' her.

    "Dunking - The witch would be tied to a contraption known as a dunking stool, which would then be lowered into a fast flowing river, lake or large water container (usually blessed), to see if they would float. If able to float, then the accused was possessed with the 'Spirit of Satan' and ergo, a witch. Questions of whether clothing had filled with air and formed a convenient buoyancy aid were usually dismissed out of hand. If, however, the 'witch' drowned or died of hypothermia, they had obviously not been under Satan's protective watch, and were therefore innocent."

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