A few month ago i suffered from a really bad sore throat which went on for around a month- real bad! couldnt eat/swallow ect.. The doc suspected it may of been tonsillitis.

anyway i got referred to the hospital where the consultant could see nothing wrong (checked my throat and nose with a camera) said throat and nose looked healthy and couldnt see anything out of the ordinary!

however got a letter today saying i have another appointment in 6 months just to 'check everything is still ok'

now i havent had a sore throat since!

Will this count against me do you think? Like, delaying my application?


Won't count against you.

Regarding cancer, vanishingly unlikely in a young population.


Lantern Swinger
Cracker89: Yes mate, cancel the appointment, it gives someone else a chance to be seen and sorted, I doubt it will slow the process down at all. Just try and quit those dog hair cigars you keep luck.

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