Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stimps, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. This video has started doing the rounds.
    It's to try and stop young uns from jumping of harbours walls and cliff into the sea.
    bloody hell it's grissly though.
    [email protected]*k knows how he's still alive. Not something you want to watch just before or after eating though
    :puke:Watch with caution
  2. All i can say is "ferkme",poor boy,
  3. Yeah saw this posted on a different site. Seems more optimistic when the surgeon held the two sections of his face together. Without being supported, his breathing was very laboured. Hope he gets some normality (and some feckin common sense) back in the end.
  4. Don't know if he survived. If he did, he's gonna need a lot of operations to try and repair it. his jaw and nose, pretty much the whole front of his skull was just destroyed
    Just hope others actually learn from it
  5. Bloody idiot lol
  6. HAHA. Sorry about the guy on the video, but i just showed this to my sister. She fill sick and dizzy and shes lieing down now.
  7. Gruesome, this was on facebook about a week back and got removed, surprised to see it back..
  8. I remember a little lad tombstoning from a bridge into a canal with his mates and running past with a bloodied t-shirt wrapped around his head when I was a teenager. I later started out my career cutting up dead bodies for a living and saw some pretty gruesome stuff but that video is a whole new dimension of 'ick'.

    Let's hope he survives and the video saves some more lives.
  9. He could play two faced harvey in the next batman film now lol Awesome vid
  10. Can't quite see the attraction myself, still each to there own.
  11. Yeah i saw a few lads jumping into the thames. My mum also told me when she was younger, she saw someone jump into the thames, he never came out, In went head first into sinking mud!
  12. Dam, the video has been removed.
  13. I jump off my local pier occasionally. It's perfectly safe as long as you have some idea of what's under the water and you do it at an appropriate tide height for the jump. The video's been removed so I can't comment on this one of course.
  14. I learned when my youngest was in his twenties he used to tombstone off Pulpit Rock at Portland Bill when he was a young-un!!!!!

    I was just grateful I was talking to him when he told me - young idiot :evil:

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