Tomahawk-missile Supply & demand

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. More bollocks from what used to be a quality newspaper. We can get plenty more TLAM from where the 1st lot came from!
  2. . . . . . . .Absolutely no respect these days.

    It won't be long before someone says 'B***s to the Skipper' next.

    Back in the day 'twas threatened often enough.:|
  3. Nice to see MOD refute the allegation, so quickly. I wonder where the papers and the Television dig up these "authority opinions". Wonder how much they get for each time they appear on the box?
  4. I picked this out from the article:

    Except that there are reported to be ten RAF Typhoons in theatre (link) and the cost per hour for a Tornado is officially £35k (link). I have also seen suggestions that an aerial tanker costs £80k per hour.

    This is all starting to make the £105m cost of running on Ark Royal until 2015 (link) and the Harrier GR9 official cost of £37k per hour (link) seem quite reasonable, particularly when taking into account the reduced fuel consumption offered by a carrier's closer proximity to the Libyan coast (saving nearly 1,000 nm per round trip from the Gioia del Colle airbase in southern Italy), the hire of base facilities, substantial logistics train and footprint, accommodation for aircrew and support personnel, etc.

    Apart from lower aircraft fuel consumption, carrier operations in close proximity to the target area offer other advantages such as platform mobility and flexibility, faster reaction time, shorter transits, longer time on task, quicker turnarounds, higher sortie generation, reduced crew fatigue, fewer airframe hours, lighter maintenance load, etc. A CVS roled for Strike/Anti-surface warfare can operate up to 18 Harriers which is four more aircraft than the RAF has in theatre but at only two thirds the total operating cost per aircraft hour (£940k vs £666k).

    Since the naval-launched TLAMs neutralised the Libyan Air Force and Integrated Air Defence system, the focus has been on ground attack for which the GR9s have an excellent record. In fact, their USMC Harrier AV-8B counterparts of USS Kearsarge have been flying 300 nm round-trip sorties hitting ground targets around Benghazi from the start of the campaign. Kearsarge's aircraft have also retrieved the aircrew from the downed F-15:

    Incidentally, I'm enjoying the RAF line that the Typhoons only take "10 minutes" to reach the Libyan coast from their air base at Gioia del Colle. Google Earth shows the shortest distance is 500 nm (about the same as Lands End to John O'Groats) which implies a speed of 3,000 kts (Mach 4.66). The fuel consumption must be staggering!
  5. Rob,

    You have convinced most of us at RR, who need precious little convincing, but those with the grip on the purse strings have more contol than we'd like: As she-without-shoes once sang:

    << .. .. .. I may win on the roundabout
    Then I'll lose on the swings
    In or out, there is never a doubt
    Just who's pulling the strings
    I'm all tied up in you
    But where's it leading me to?>>

  6. All above true and very well put. There is one other huge advantage of having a CVS in theatre which is often forgotten and that is the Command and Control together with the Communications and Intelligence capability which it brings to the party.

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