Tom Newton-Dunn Abseil for H4H

Abseil takes place 16 April 2009

Originally posted on Arrse
Ok I know he gets a lot of stick on here but he has done a lot of good stuff for the forces and Help for Heroes. and did a good one on Shortt pants, Dig deep please, even baron Shortt :lol:

After 20 months of writing about what 1,000s of others do for Help For Heroes, I've finally managed to attempt something myself.
I'm abseiling 100 feet down the side of News International's Wapping plant, along with a lot of colleagues and the Royal Marines. Since I'm scared of heights, I'm doing it in a chicken suit.
I'd be hugely grateful if you could sponsor me for this pathetic act.
Help For Heroes have just started a new £20million campaign to build much-needed recovery centres for the hundreds of wounded now coming back from and every year. It's getting worse; these guys really do need all the help they can get.
Thank you very much for anything you can give.
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