Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stirling2, Mar 30, 2007.

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  1. did you know all condoms have serial numbers on the top...

    NO ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, awwww blesssss your not roling them back to the end then...
  2. so nothing to do with with Sir Terry Wogan then!
  3. Good old Tez.....Euro song contest soon, he has me in stitches, will we get nil poits again :wink:
  4. glad to see you have brought the eye back stirling - always gives me a nice scary frisson :)
  5. Which colour do you prefer G R for future ref ??
  6. purple is my fav colour.... maybe after a shot of eye drops....
  7. Whats your favourite flavour???
  8. ermmmmmmmmmmmmm fresh the tree

  9. now now "josie , no need for that now is there ,
  10. I know its late. But what the [email protected] is a Toggy Is it English for a johhny?

  11. I presume it must be "md" , never heard them called that mind , one of these modern words that slowly creep in by theire useage , :wink:
  12. I remember using the word toggy as a reference to condoms back in the late 70's. Mind you, to some of you old duffers on the site, the '70's' is modern. Some of you may remember the fashion of see-through plastic coats which we referred to as 'toggy jackets', as they looked like giant condoms.
  13. As one who thinks the 70s are ultra-modern, I would like to know if they still dish out "free issues" from the QM's desk on the gangway.
    Little individual brown envelopes with "Do not leave this around in parks and open spaces, it may offend people", printed on the front!!


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