'Toddler Weds Dog To Avoid Indian Tiger Doom'


A toddler has reportedly been married off to a dog in eastern India in a bid to prevent his predicted death by a tiger.

The ceremony, at a Hindu temple in Orissa state's Jajpur district,was conducted with all the rituals observed at traditional weddings.

It included a dowry for the bride - the village bitch.

The dog sported two silver rings and a silver chain, the UNI news agency reported.

Parents of the groom, 18-month-old Sangula, were advised to arrange the marriage when they noticed a tooth growing from their infant son's upper gum.

The growth was considered to be a bad omen in the boy's tribal community.

Village elders believed it would lead to him being killed in a tiger attack - a fate preventable, according to tribal tradition, by marrying a dog.

Sanrumula Munda, Sangula's father, said the ceremony would not stop him from marrying properly when he comes of age.

Superstition is still a potent force in tribal and remote communities of India

No wonder the country is going to the dogs .......................
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