Toddler missing in Algarve

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, May 4, 2007.

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  1. I am glad my children are now adults and I don't have that worry. But I or my wife left them alone, to go for a drink or a meal. Looking in every once in a while to see if they were alright is not good enough!!!!!
    That little one must have gone to look for her parents when she found them not there. The question now is 'what happened'?
  2. In agreement. I hate to judge and all, but isn't the first lesson of parenting never to leave young kids alone? That does seem suspicious. Poor little thing, wherever she is she must be so scared. I expect her parents are too and guaranteed, they won't be letting their kids out of their sight again I suppose. Hoping she gets found quickly.
  3. My thoughts are with the little one at this time. Hope it resolves itself and she is found safe and well

  4. Absolutely, It would be frightening for anyone of any age, but to a three year old when your parents are your world? Must be so awful.
  5. Reminds me of the time a child went missing from a child minders. He was found floating in the pond next door dead.

    Turns out this bloke was driving through the village and thought that child is to young to be alone but was hesitant to stop for fear he could have been accused of attempted child molesting. Afraid it is the sad world we are living in these days. Heart goes out to the family think we have all lost the youngsters for a few seconds which feels like hours.
  6. What a nightmare , thank god mine are 30 , 22 , 20 . hope she's found safe & well .
  7. BH I'm sorry to say this mate, but, my heart goes out to that abandoned child, the parents can eff off and get themselves run over for all I care. I'm the father of 2 sons aged 9 and 10, and a 2 year old total princess (in my eyes anyway!). Holiday or bloody not, there is NO WAY the wife and I would leave any of our children alone for one minute like that. I'm glad they are in hell right now, they deserve to be. I still hope that young child is returned to them safe and well though, everyone deserves a second chance, even them.
  8. I've got to say Lamri, I'm with you on this one. I know people say that one shouldn't judge, but on this occasion, I do judge! My wife and I went on holiday to Turkey last year with our toddler son...when we ate out, he came with us and just fell asleep in his stroller, when he was grumpy, we just made sure there was wine in the fridge and sat on the balcony, watched the sun go down and got merrily shedded. Not ONCE did it cross our minds to leave him alone! It was reported tonight that the hotel offered some kind of baby-sitting or kids club facility, so there was no excuse at all to have just left her there on her own. I also didn't like the way that they said that they were only 200 yards away...that's not next fcuking door! I pray that the poor little girl is found safe and unharmed, and as for her parents, well I suppose they're getting all the punishment they deserve right now. I only hope that when they get her back, they never do anything so fcuking selfish again.
  9. I don't know the age in UK (only became a parent once in NZ) but down here you can be prosecuted for leaving a child under 14 alone. I believe most 'thinking' parents wouldn't even consider leaving a 3 year old alone, the report also mentions the couple had "twins" how old were they?
  10. It's 12 in the UK. It's not so long back when families holidaying in butlins and pontins used to leave very small children in chalets, and used to rely on the babysitting service, which consisted of red/blue coats walking around the camp listening for babies crying. Having said that, what on earth were these so called parents doing leaving a 3 year old un attended for any length of time.
  11. The 'parents' need shooting!
  12. It is common in the Algarve, where people with timeshare lets, leave the kids in bed and go out for a meal on the "campus" restaurants
    The timeshare people have wardens that go around "listening" every half hour or so

    I must say I have been there and seen it but never done it, like an earlier poster if we really had to go out for an evening meal the children went with us, again in a stroller if they were too tired during the meal, though that never happened, as if the children were tired, then we did not go and had alfresco on the balcony, watching the sun go down and enjoying the evening,
    Also I was fortunate that my wife abstained from drink, when we had our children with us, and let me take care of the alcohol :)

    I so hope the child is found safe and well, though I doubt it, I do not think it has been taken more wandered and will be found either safe or floating in one of the many pools $eity forbid

    I feel sorry for the family, but stupid selfish bar stewards comes to mind
    Though their action is standard today, self first self second and if there is owt left self again
  13. .I am in total agreement with that .Whaton earth possesed them to do that in this day of children snatching and abuse :?:
  14. Apperently the twins there too were even younger - 18 months I think!!!
    What the FFFFF were they thinking of????

    I'm a mum of a 6 yr old...and we did the Algarve when he was night we all went out, and he was in the buggy, and when tired, he was tucked up and strapped into the buggy....and slept thru everything!
  15. I think it ironic that the family are trying to throw up smoke by blaming the Portuguese Police. They just have a different system than us, with several different forces assigned to carry out different tasks, which can seem disjointed, but that's the way they do things. What annoyed me was the grandmother saying that the police initially sent a squad car with two officers, to ascertain that the child was missing, before a major search involving helicopters and dogs was undertaken...well wouldn't that have been the initial reaction of the UK police? She also complained that the two officers spoke very little English! At least they spoke some...and it was no doubt better than her or her family's command of Portuguese!
    Other than the sick fcuk who has taken her, there is no one to blame for this than the poor little girl's parents, and any attempt to pass the buck to the Portuguese police is franky pathetic.
    The parents need look no further than in the mirror, if they need someone to blame.
  16. I believe from the news that the twins were 2 yrs old NZ. I fully agree with the posts on this thread and can only add my prayers that the wee mite is found safe and well
  17. I see general attitudes haven't softened in the forces since I left I am very glad to say and long may it remain like that.
    I hope the child is ok but leaving your kids alone is a nono.
  18. When my kids were young my wife and i took them everywhere when we went on holiday thats a long time ago when it was comparatively safe
  19. Somebody told me the parents were both doctors,why didnt they use the baby sitting service provided?
    Hopefuly the child has been taken by someone who just wanted to look after her after maybe suffering a loss or something like that and will come to no harm.The police seem to have an idea who did it according to the news.

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