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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. Just to piss you lot off back in the UK in the wet and cloudy weather please find attached a picture I took at 1010 hours CET or 0910 GMT this morning of the weather conditions in Southern Spain. As can be seen in the bottom screen of the grey object tempreture was 64.8F in the sun. Not a cloud in view.

    Now you know suckers why we do not live in the UK. Scotch at £6 a bottle helps.


  2. Nutty

    As I sit here in this shathole of an office, looking out at the dull, grey, wet and windy weather, I have come to this conclusion.


    Best wishes for 2007

  3. You, Sir, deserve a power cut.

    Happy new year :)
  4. Either that or havoing his water cut off for a few days.
  5. thats disgusting i wish the worst weather on you for 2007
  6. "Oh, what a beautiful morning
    Oh, what a wonderful day
    I've got a beautiful feeling
    Everything's goin' my way"

    Now I wish I had gone down the beach and taken the picture. I am just so pleased I have helped you thru your day.

    Luv and Hugs from all us suffers in Southern Spain.

  7. Sounds a bit chilly to me...... and expensive :D
  8. Hello Nutty
    How come you are living in Spain but still using the Fahrenheit scale for temperature. Only us silly old farts know how warm it is. Please retake with temperature in Celsius for the baby members of RR
  9. Ling

    It is but I can drive to the channel ports in 16 hours of fly to Uk in 2.5. hours at a cost between 1p and £1000 dependant on flight, date, time, airline and class. I would prefer it warmer and cheaper but not all the rain you get.

    Happy New Year to you and all in SE Asia.


  10. Number that are moving to Spain lately there is a real
    possibility of that???
  11. But you do not get proper Cadburys chocolate out there! And there is nothing nicer than a bracing walk on the South Downs/Dartmoor/Yorkshire Dales/big fcuk off mountains in Scotland * on a clear winter's morning.

    And I bet you get bored of looking at scantily clad ladies?!!

    * Delete as appropriate
  12. 18.2C but being an old phart I still use imperial. I was shocked when I brought a steel rule out here, it only had Metres etc. Had to take it back as I could not make it work.


    Cadburys chocolate in all its forms is avaiable as are most UK products if you are prepared to pay for it. Scantily clad ladies to look at 9 months of the year are a real bonus for one so old as myself.

  13. They have very nice mountains in Spain too, and us olf farts never get tired of looking at scantily clad young ladies, mind you there are a few around that are better covered up.
  14. Well 18.2 Isn't really warm, When I worked in Bangkok the air conditioning used to struggle to get my room down to a comfortable 20 C.
    Its 15 C on the window of my study in Berkshire at the moment. Sky isn't blue though and bird across the road looks rough in leg warmers and ear muffs.
  15. Cheers Nutty
    Just got back from Almeria myself and I can confirm the weather. Spent Christmas in the garden sipping cocktails and pigging out.
    Best wishes for 2007 will be there myself very soon.
  16. Shame on you Nutty I though you were a sundodger
  17. South downs. Did a very long world championship type run across there a few years ago. Or was it a brisk 80 mile trot!!
  18. Was the piccy taken on the roof of the local RNA where the rum is even cheaper still? Enjoy 2007!
  19. Happy New Year to you too mate. The only rain we have at the moment is shrapnel from bombs :lol: :lol: Either way, in my opinion it is better than being cold. Life is good. Enjoy.
  20. Just got back from my appartment in Miami so no what you mean.

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