Today's Special- New Ration Packs inbound


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Good to see the new Ration Packs have been tested prior to release.

"Paul Skinner, a non-executive director, said he thought youngsters would rush to join the military if a serving of rations was made available at every recruiting station."

The "recruiting stations" eagerly await the servings to be made available to those interested.



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Finally! About time, although how long will they be kept on the storage shelves whilst current stocks are used up first? :?

Also, I liked Paul Skinner's comment about youngsters rushing to join up, once they'd tasted ORPs...

3 months ago: "I ain't joining up! I might ge shot!"
Today: "Mmm, this beef curry tastes nice - where's that application form?"

sgtpepperband said:
...Eskimo Pie! :wink:
Could be SgtP.
According to my Shorter Oxford English -

Eskimo Pie (chiefly N.Amer) (U.S. proprietary name for) a bar of chocolate-coated ice-cream.

Yippee!! Instant choc ices. :thumright: :thumright:

It wont work,ninja and his oppos will nick all the decent stuff leaving the shite.

p.s. can you still get Oatmeal blocks,dried apple flakes and instant porridge?Ooooo and not forgetting cheese posessed?
During a families day visit for my recruit troop, i asked one of my team to put some boilies in a saf jar, and try to get the families, especially the kids, to try them. The look of disgust on some of the faces was hilarious. When a 10 year old asks how the f**k you are supposed to eat the treacle sponge cold - you just have to explain that you dont - you keep it with the vehicle running kit as a choc or something then embarrased enough - walk away. they will never change for the better like most of our kit until they come away form non-deployable numpties at warminster and start actually talking to the lads that use it in the field for extended periods in all conditions. Remember rolos in arctic rations? nice one pusser!


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Iceland do Babies Heads, not as good as the old pusser ones, but acceptable. A box of 5 individual ones for £2. I use them for meals at work they go down well with Aunt Bessies roast spuds and some mixed veg
Crispy, fried, chocolate coated weevils are a staple diet of matelots, served as a tasty additive to porky pies, bread, ships biscuits, Mars bars and often found skulking, melted, in the heads....... :twisted:

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