Today is Scouse's birthday!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by soleil, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. Many Happy Returns, Scouse!
  2. bump
  3. Happy birthday shippers.
  4. Happy Birthday Scouse, what you had? anew set of "wheels" :D :wink:
  5. Happy birthday Scouse its mine to
  6. Happy Birthday Scouse, all the bset many happy returns
  7. Many Happy Returns to both Scouse AND tedbungy, then.(to, too, two??)


    ('twould have been my dear old Mums 91st birthday today, too, but she is busy RIP'ing.....Bless her soul..... :cry: )
  8. Happy Birthday Scouse - hope you have a lovely day. :eek:ccasion4:

    SP. xx :hug:
  9. :eek:ccasion7: :eek:ccasion6: :eek:ccasion5: :eek:ccasion2: :wav: have a good one Scouse & Ted.
  10. Happy birthday hope it was a good one

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