Discussion in 'History' started by Smoggie, Feb 8, 2009.

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  1. How common is it for toasts to be made now? Are the traditional seven toasts still made?
  2. Chimps put their bread under a gorilla :D
  3. Eh?

    Forget that eh, I now realise you typed bread instead of beard. That'll teach me for reading on the fly.
  4. 7...? nobody does 7! My toast comes in 2, 4, or 8 slices :D
  5. Ah but does that include the end bits?
  6. But seriously folks...

    I went to a Traf dinner last year and 'A willing foe & room to manouvre' was said. I believe this is fridays toast.
  7. Yes the traditional toasts are still made.
  8. That's one of the thing that attracted me to the navy was the traditions and it's good to hear the seven daily toasts are still used.
  9. My favourite was alway 'Wives and sweethearts. May they never meet!'

    No comment!!!!!
  10. The old daily toasts (nothing to do with bread under a gorilla :) )...

    Monday - Our ships at sea.
    Tuesday - Our men.
    Wednesday - Ourselves (As no-one else is likely to concern themselves with our welfare)
    Thursday - A bloody war or a sickly season
    Friday - A willing foe and sea room.
    Saturday - Sweethearys and wives (may they never meet)
    Sunday - Absent friends.
  11. What a sheltered life I led.

    24 years served and never come across 'toasts' never mind 7 daily toasts.
  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Or the modern version -

    'wives and sweethearts, may they never know they've met....'

  13. Har Har Har!!! That reminds me.... no, better not! Bit close to home!! That's what happens when you marry a split!

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