What is the correct etiquete for cutting toast?
Does one cut it across the middle or corner to corner?

It's of utmost importance, the staff need to know.


Lantern Swinger
It is a well known fact that, cut in half, they are more filing, cut in triangles, corner to corner, they taste better.

(one of Peter Kay's truths!)
Toast should only ever be made from bread directly cut from either a tin or split tin loaf. Never less than 1/2" thick or 17mm if you are that way inclined. Should never be cut, and should be liberaly spread with salted butter.

Anything else is merely twice cooked bread.


Lantern Swinger
Is the toast thick slice or doorstep, the triangle shape is ok with thick toast
but doorstep is straight across, serve butter on the side with marmalade tick cut. It works for my punters, now hotcross buns there is a challenge.
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