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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Serious Head on.

    At the risk of sounding like a grown-up grandfather (sometimes age and/or the OH, obliges even me to act like one) am I alone in concluding that several of the recent posts in the supposedly more serious forums verge towards, if not beyond, the repugnant and are thus stifling discussion?

    Besides the inevitable/allowable thread drift there seems to be an eagerness of late to descend into irrelevant, expletive-ridden, chat-line-jousting by some of those who really ought to know better.

    No, I don’t want to be a (noted-more-by-their-absence-than-appearance) Moderator, (I thang yew furry mush for the offer if there ever was one ) but whatever you think of me/this post I am only motivated in wanting whatevers best for RR and for all of those who use it.

    Sooo - Before giving my little bleat a good ignoring-to please at least hoist in this contribution of 30 months ago from one of Rum Ration’s finest posters – That khaki-wearing cadet-commissioned Cellarman who sometimes even wears his own serious head:

    No smilees today but, as those of us of the Trade used to say:

    “Deep down you know it makes sense.”


    PS Bob's other Quote of the Day:

    "Self-restraint is very similar to self-abuse; but, like all D-I-Y, it's a tad more difficult for some folk."
  2. Wow that is really deep what interesting topic would you like to discuss that will not fall into a pile of poo:frustrated::pain10:
  3. RR is finally dying Bob. Killed by bigots, sociopaths with multiple logins and old fuckers.
  4. Tut tut Sumo, you know very well what Bob is saying, stop using rude words and stop calling the rest of the children names.
  5. Oh, and the dull.
  6. It's that big fat cunt Sumo and his Minstrel friend Rumrat what did it. Burn 'em.
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  7. I'm with cúnt on this one, Rummers started it boss!!
  8. Dont say the R word, it has the same effect as saying Beetlejuice three times
  9. There you go Bob it took 6 posts to fall in to Poo, wheres Tigger
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  10. I don't think RR is dying Monty, just going through a "phase". Finks and NMC use to liven up topics even if they were, probably, one and the same.
  11. Bastard you really know how to hurt an old fart:rofl:
    RR has improved of late, mainly due to Moderators becoming more human and not removing and blocking posts as much as they did in the past
  12. They didn't liven up topics, they contributed to a bleed out to what is now only about 15 active users. We've seen phases come and go, it has always been somewhat cyclic but in 6 years I can never remember it being this dull.
  13. Monty all we need is you definition of Old F in years, please select so we can see if you are an old fart or not?
    0 to 40
    40 to 50
    50 to 60
    60 to 70
    70 to 80
    80 plus doing well
  14. Monty's got a point. I was more reluctant to post in CA because all the threads got derailed by Finks than I would have been if he wasn't on this site.
  15. Monty if you look at the last 50 you will see hundreds of hits but few replies, they are active members that choose not to post, and also I have been out a few years and only came across this site by accident recently, so my guess is they are lots of potential members who do not know of this site exists. I for one have contacted some ex oppos and told them of this site.
  16. You're as old as the girl you feel. So 12 in your case Jimmy.

  17. I his current state he would need to find some into Necrophilia, with a JCB, so any age would be a bonus?
  18. I wouldn't call them active members, my point is there are very, very few members who actually contribute anymore. Similarly, Arrse is now a wholly different beast to that which it used to be. It has more civvies on it than servicemen now. That's shit too.
  19. I come on here to learn new words to call strangers. I contribute nothing but bile.
  20. Do not know about ARRSE as it is blocked by my company software, but RR having the address as Navy net seems ok, for now. Unfortunately this site has to contend with Facebook, twitter etc. I have no idea what Twitter is I have never had the interest to look, my face book account as not been used in years.

    May be if we send the site link to old ship associations that any of us are associated to, it may increase the members?

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