To what level of detail do I need to know about operations for the SIFT interview?


Lantern Swinger
Navy News has that little box underneath, which is nice, but I assume I need to know more - what sort of detail, though? I can't remember everything.

There's a Wikipedia page on current RN deployments, but there's a lot there. Should I be looking at things starting with operation, such as Operation Kipion? Are things like Exercise Joint Warrior needed? On the handout they gave me, it had a lot to say about JEF(M) so I will look into things like that too.

Current affairs is obvious enough, and I will focus on the affairs around known deployments - though not all of the abbreviations used in NN return anything relevant in Google. What is 17(R) TES? An RAF thing?

It's just frustrating to not know how much detail I need to go into, other than "as much as you can remember".

Rant over, you can blast me now.


I should be receiving the date for my pre-AIB interview in the next few days and all I know is the name of the operation, why they're there and the ships involved.