To the lads


Lantern Swinger
To the lads out in combat, and the ones back home, Merry Christmas!

And thanks for everything you do for us, keeping us safe and secure.

Have a "good" one ;)
Lamri said:
A-H, that bit in your signature, is it anything to do with the late GREAT Ian Dury ?
Most certainly is Lamri. Driving home the other day and the old boy pulls out this CD, fantastic. Tad before my time, I had never heard of him :oops: but he truely was a utter legend.

LINKY for your enjoyment :thumright:

Armchair Hero
Thanks very much for that link A-H, I was lucky enough to hear a lot of his music when growing up :)
In my eyes, a true genius and a sad loss.
Lamri said:
In my eyes, a true genius and a sad loss.
Definitely, I am half way through his biography and, wow, what a guy. He certainly had a good life, well most of the time, and was a musical genius.

Sad way to go, but at least he knew in advance and was able to "Finish his life, before it finished him". Such a sad loss at 57.

Sadly, I doubt there will be nobody of his calibre again. I mean who would sing a song like "Spasticus Autisticus," these days?

"So place your hard-earned peanuts in my tin
And thank the Creator you're not in the state I'm in
So long have I been languished on the shelf
I must give all proceedings to myself"

Absolute legend.

Take Care,

Armchair Hero

I had a love affair with Nina

In the back of my Cortina
A seasoned-up hyena
Could not have been more obscener
She took me to the cleaners
And other misdemeanours
But I got right up between her
Rum and her Ribena...

This article in today's Pompey News should gladden the heart (link).

Marines swamped by festive parcels

Royal Marines fighting the Taliban in southern Afghanistan have been inundated with parcels from well-wishers in the UK.

The commandos have been working up to 14 hours a day at their headquarters in Camp Bastion sorting and distributing nearly 6,000 parcels in the last week alone to Forward Operating Bases across Northern Helmand.

The packages have been sent to 40 Commando by proud family and friends, the Royal Marines Association, ex-Royal Marines and servicemen as well as members of the public. The marines featured in a series of special reports in The News last month.

Second-in-command Major Alex Murray said: 'The public support this Christmas has been fantastic. We have received parcels from all sorts of people, from our fabulous Royal Marines Association to members of the public with little or no connection with the Royal Marines. To all of them we are incredibly grateful.'

Lance Corporal Sean Keeling said he often found himself buried under 'literally thousands' of parcels.

The commando explained how the contents of each box have varied hugely, but typically include toiletries, socks, confectionery, magazines and playing cards.

'The support from home has been unbelievable,' he said.

The Royal Marines, who are half way through their six-month tour at the FOBs, have tried to reply to senders whenever their operations have allowed them to do so.

Major Murray added: 'I personally received a box of Harrods tea bags, which had a note in saying "From an 80-year-old ex-Para. Keep up the good work".

'I could just imagine this veteran using his pension money on what he saw as a decent cuppa after a lifetime of drinking military tea.

'There was no name or address supplied, but if he's reading this then thanks very much! It was a great morale boost to receive a parcel and indeed enjoy a great cuppa.'
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