To Sub Or Not To Sub?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sturunner, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. Hello to all reading this post and please let me just say that this is my first.

    At the moment I’m a civi, I've been thinking of joining the navy for a long while now. I'm 26, I’m an electrician and earning well. Yet I feel that joining the navy would be good for me and take my life in a new direction. I've always been interested in submarines and the role they play.
    Can anyone give me their thoughts on...

    a) Joining the Navy?
    b) Joining as a Submariner?

    From what I’ve read about and the general layout of the RN website it does seem like the submariners are treated quite a bit differently to other navy personnel.
  2. The two are different and I have done both. The Submarine service is very close knit and this means there is less formality as you are expexcted to be more self disiplined. If you want to see a bit of the world then Fleet boats(SSN's) would be your choice but you would still visit more places if on the surface fleet. As you are a timed served "spark" the SM service still allows you to be streamed to be an electrical specialist whereas in General service you are neither mechanical or electrical but do both whatever your aptitude. One final piece of advice, if you go GS you can volunteer for the SM service at any time but once in the SM service they want five years before you can go back to GS. I would still join the SM service though as in my opinion the career prospects are superb within the RN and after as the goverment has announced a new nuclear power build program.
  3. they have to be treated differently . they're the cream of the services
  5. Thanks for the info. To be honest with you I really wouldn't mind learning new skills in the mechanical field as well as the electrical one. One path that also caught my eye was the warfare side of things. What do you reckon?

    I'm booked in to go and speak with someone later on this month but wanted to get some views of people who aren't trying to recruit me and can give me some honest answers and thoughts.
  6. I've just got my joing date to enter RN, I asked the Chief who showed us the HMS RALEIGH joing presentation if you could switch from the surface fleet to the subs and he said yes, so I think I'll do some GS first to get my 'sea legs' then do some more research into the subs and then consider transferring... its always been niggling in the back of my mind as something I want to try so I'll see how it goes.

    JC :thumright:
  7. Stay with engineering, in the SM service whether you are mechanical or electrical you will have to cross qualify in the other discipline but you will be taught by specialists in each field as we still maintain these so your training will be second to none. If you fancy the Warfare route then you must join as an officer or progression will be mega slow.
  8. I think having some time in GS then transferring is a good plan indeed. So I imagine that sticking with the mechanical/electrical side of things will server me well if I did transfer to subs. As for joining either as an officer I don't think it possible as I’ve no degree.
  9. Thinking longterm engineering will serve you in good stead once you leave the service. I should say that after five years GS remember the SM service but the amount of oppurtunities in the civvy nuclear side that will be coming available will turn your head as to what training the SM service can offer you, don,t leave it too late though.
  10. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Have you researched the pay rates? If your a sparky and earning good cash you may take a pay drop for a number of years. You may have to think of your family etc.
    If you join as an submariner you will prob never be able to serve on a surface ship, due to shortage of manpower. If I haven't put you off, join the surface fleet and transfer at a later date,,LMAO.
  11. Worth noting that opportunities for transferring from ME GS to ME SM are not as "readily available" as they once were, certainly not a "given".
    With the advent of ET (and recruiting directly to submarines) both GS and SM are tending to get closer to the numbers of recruits that they need, although the SM world could always do with more.
    The shortage of ME Leading Hands in GS mean that there is a reluctance to let all and sundry transfer. It's not like the old days.
    SM...good trade, good pay, good future (IMHO).
  12. Ok now this is what I was wondering! The pay drop would be huge, I’ve looked into it. But I can rent out my house and its really just me I have to worry about, so long as the pay covered any lose ends which I’m sure it would then I’d be ok. Obviously at sea you are living on the boat but when you are not at sea how much of a chunk do they take from your wages for living/food?
  13. No PAYD then :money:
  14. Thanks for all the great info guys. Really is a lot to think about and take in.
  15. Ok if your in the SM or GS and you are not on operations where are you based in the country? I understand that most of the subs are based in Scotland, not sure if thats correct? How far way can you live from where the boat is based?
  16. Stu,

    The two remaining S-boats (soon to be one!) are based in Faslane, some 30 miles north of Glasgow, as are the four V-boats (except when in refit, which is carried out in Devonport (Plymouth)). The T-boats are based in Devonport. The A-boats will be coming to Faslane.

    As regards how far away you can live, there are many people who travel around 75 miles each way every day. You can, of course, live anywhere you want to, have a cabin in the base, and travel home for weekends. If you choose the cabin option, bear in mind that you will have to pay accommodation charges whether you are alongside or at sea.
  17. Thank you Mr Crow!

    Well I have an appointment for the end of the next month from the SM recruiting team. The more I think on it the more it seems to make sense. Was thinking that starting in GS and then transferring to SM would be the best way to go but as mentioned above it might not be so viable. Will ask the guy anyway.
  18. I would do a bit of GS first,see a bit of the world as you are going to get a foreign run in whatever ship you join then volunteer for Boats after you have been pissed in most ports of the world
  19. Sounds like good advice to me!
    I'm just keen to learn a new trade in what ever service I join. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the one I have now but it never hurts to learn more... Well unless you have a hangover at the time I guess. So going the ME route would serve me well in the GS and then would it be useful to the SM in a transfer?

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