To StixJimbo

Happy birthday Jim, any ideas what you might go out in tonight? :roll: :twisted: :D :wink:
I wouldn't put candles on the cake though, the last time there was a fire that big London got gutted. 8O :evil: :D
StixJimboRM said:
Cheers peeps

it was a quiet night in with a couple of bottles of red.

@ RumRat ... i did wear my new party frock though, a silky red number ;)

A bit like this one

That's Clothes Jim :roll: ..............But not as we know 'em :wink:


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It was my Missus' birthday the other day; she said she wanted Chanel No. 5.

She was so made up! All I had to do was re-tune the freeview box...


I hope you had a good day, Sticks. Did the real musicians let you hang out with them to celebrate, then?

:lol: :twisted:
Belated felicitations Royal, glad to hear you're keeping up 'family' traditions!

SPB the back to front thing is all about easy access to his man breasts..

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