To staple or not to staple

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Asst_Ed, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. For anyone who reads Navy News, we've made a subtle difference to the paper as of the September edition (which should be out now): we've stapled the pages together, rather than having it loose and spilling all over the place.

    We'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on whether you like it with or without (or any comments on the paper as a whole as ever).
  2. We'll have to watch out for those staples when wiping our botties now… :bootyshake:
  3. Why have you stapled the pages together? how do we open them? nothing much controversial inside anyway.
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As an avid reader of this esteemed tabloid, my observation is that due to the glossy nature of the paper, a strategically placed staple is an advantage to the reader.

    Another (cheaper) option would be to print on normal newspaper or achieve a 50% saving on staples by just using one per copy & reducing the bulk postal costs.

    Just a thought...
  5. >>>>>>What with the shiny paper which tends to slide up ones back
  6. What they are printing it on soluble paper now for use in Boats.

  7. Non stapled for me please .
  8. havent seen a copy but i think this is probably a good thing. as it did tend to get a bit messy being glossy and all
  9. I think that you should leave the printed edition unstapled but staple the electronic edition
  10. Always eat mine after I've read so that it doesnt fall into enemy hands.
    So no staples for me thanks.

  11. Now when I was a lad we used to have none skid at all times. What is the world coming to I ask myself!!!!
  12. and how long until the NN gets sued cos little Johnny got a staple stuck in his hand?
  13. I must say that is a rather good idea, as it does get quite tiring having to keep picking up all the pages of the Navy News when they keep falling to the floor.

    Thank you

    Look forward to reading next months :thumright: Navy news.
  14. Staples are OK so long as they don't interfere with the piccies, but the thought of a matelot with a staple through him is just too much to bear!
  15. Can I have one with staples, and a non-stapled one for me mate? :!:
  16. No staples for me thanks. All the people in my rest home read my copy, and many of them find staples hard to deal with.
    If you insist on sticking the pages together, a mint flavoured, easily digestible and non toxic gum would be preferable.

  17. Big cheer for the staples.... fed up of holding onto the pages like a loon to stop them blowing away in the wind... (usually read outside at "work" as its the only chance i get)
  18. What a waste of time, cost, and effort
    Anyone capable of buying it should be capable of keeping the pages together
    Welcome to the millenium
  19. Don't make no difference to me, I'm just happy you deliver it over here.
  20. If you maintained the non staple policy then the recepiant has the option to apply his/her own staples of choice. That would keep all happy.


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