To salute or not to salute.....

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by trehorn, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Are midshipmen to be saluted?
  2. For what??
  3. Hasn't this come up several times before? I think, theoretically and old Navy, no. In practice, yes for two reasons:

    1) custom

    2) It is possible to complete professional training and be eligible for commisioning scroll whilst still a Midshipman (I served in 2004 in a ship with a Midshipman OOW). Hence, whatever past status, there are some commissioned Midshipman knocking about the place at any one time which begs the question, is it really a reasonable use of time to go around asking every Midshipman you see whether he's commissioned before you salute him, or do you just salute him? You could end up with some quite choice answers I suspect...
  4. The only time I have ever encountered a midshipman was when I was hanging out the back of her. And yes I did salute and call her ma'am, I mean it would've been rude not to.
  5. Never ever saluted one, they're Phase 1's as far as I was concerned.
  6. Used to salute them when they did evening rounds.
    Better than getting a rescrub 8O :wink:
  7. Evening rounds 8O wassat :wink:
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep. I think there's probably something in some BR or other book thing about saluting them under these exceptional circumstances.

  9. Ok, i'm at the College right now and if you salute a Sub Lieutenant then you salute a midshipman - a midshipman is an equivalent 2nd Lt, and ALL officers, midshipman on up have completed the same commissioning course.

    Midshipmen being phase 1 is balls, phase one officers don't wear any rank whatsoever. Only Midshipmen you'll see are phase 2 minimum, same as SLt's. They all have an Admiralty Commission, and so require a salute, then will get a Queens Commission, same as a SLt on completion of their professional training, by which time their usually sub lieutenants anyway.

    So in answer, yes.

    NB I'm a Slt myself so don't think I have an ulterior motive ;)
  10. I think what the OP is getting at is that Midshipmen, regardless of training, aren't actually commissioned officers in theory. Technically, that is the case for historic reasons, but the lines are blurred as you do getthe occasional commissioned Middie, for the reasons given above....
  11. :D

    Historical reasons b'damned this ain't the 1940's anymore ;) Basically, modern system midshipmen are Slt's without degrees but have the same training and done the same time, and have exactly the same commission. It's on JPA and everyfink :)

    mong typing
  12. You were winning the argument until you mentioned JPA :wink:

    And I still think of them as Phase 1's
  13. Yes, if they have their rank displayed. At BRNC rank is only displayed once qualified. (The blindingly obvious exception was back when Burberries did not have rank on them. So you just saluted the cap any way.

    In 1981 the Winter DTS had to go to Raleigh on our return as BRNC was full. We were there for a month untill we had taken our exams. We were saluted by everyone as individuals but not as a marching body of men. We lived in a trainee block, over by where the submarine school is now. But were allowed to use the Wardroom in the evenings, to boost the mess funds. We ate in Traff Gally. With orders to arrive en mass at an appointed time and go to the front of all the trainees waiting in line. Not a very happy arraingement.
  14. Indeed, the current way to spot an officer under Phase 1 BRNC training is the officer cap badge with either no rank slide at all (1st Term) or a single white rectangular tab (IFT/2nd Term) - not to be confused with a midshipman's rank slide. Neither are to be saluted. :)
  15. Middies, I enjoy reminding them, are NCE - not completely educated (even though they think it stands for Naval College Entrant).
  16. Salute!! Lucky to be called sir!!!
  17. Allways saluted my snotty when i strapped him in to 20 Tons of non ferious metal, about to go in the blue yonder :salute: :salute: :salute:
  18. I thought it was necessary to pass the commissioning exam to be passed out as officer.
  19. No such animal - unless you mean fleetboard, to which the answer is yes, but only so that you can go onto professional training. You don't get your actual "commission" until you finish professional training for your branch, which leads to all sorts of hilarity like Lieutenants with 2 years seniority and five years in the service not being "commissioned," etc...
  20. If in doubt........salute it

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