To old to join up?

Hi all, I'm 28 years young and looking to possibly join the RN. Have worked since I was 16, mostly in the outdoors as an instructor but still feel the need to do more.
I always do my best to keep my fitness up, just to enjoy the activities I more than anything. Thanks very much for the info though Ayecaptain
I joined at 26 and had similar concerns, it honestly wasn't an issue and in most instances you will fare better than the younger guys due to your experience.
It may appear pedantic, but it's best where possible to choose a branch based on preference rather than Hobson's Choice.
Agree, I was a stoker in civvy street and applied as a WET because a lifelong friend of mine was in that branch. By the grace of the FAA the recruiter convinced me to go AET.

The vast majority of people who PVR'd after Raleigh was due to guys not realising the job they were being trained for.

Do some research, ask questions to guys on here to get a grip of what you're applying for.

You can branch transfer after you join, but usually only if it's in pussers interest. Best of luck fella.


I'm 32 and going through the application process.

Go for it mate good luck, no point in living life thinking what if

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