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To offend or be offended!

Well done Jenny --definately stirred up a few sleepers with your original post :lol: :lol:

Anyway could the elderly old fart wind his neck in -- the weep and wail cos
somebody dared to edit a posting is unbelievable .
I have come across this chap before on a site that I actually sponsored for a year. If he is who I think he is then he came on that site and tried to dictate what could and could not be said until the webmaster told him what to do.

Some people have egos bigger than their brains.

For the record, no I did not serve but my late husband did and I give a lot hours to serve those who are and were serving and always will. If that is not good enough then I will leave.
We all probably have our own ideas as to what should be on the board

If posters read the posting rules for the boards it is clear that Lil's is different to the others in that more or less anything goes

However, if posters are planning to continue some private vendetta I will stop it
Have just read 5 pages of posts with increasing fascination. Reminds me of Evening Rounds discussions in the Stokers Mess. The very nature of the t'internet means that exclusive membership for ex service folks can never be assured. There must be a space for all needs - JD to vent her spleen, UA to swing the lamp and M to subvert the innocent... life is too short not to apply some filters and prevent others from being put off..
janner said:
PompeySailor said:
If what Uncle Arthur says is true, then this forum is going to have a problem. Modification of posts is wrong, unless there is a reason (and that reason is placed on the modified posts).

Turning it into a clique is going to drive people away, especially if we have non-service in here (as opposed to ex-Service). It becomes even worse if the non-service end up taking over the groups. This forum is watched by many in the corridors of power, I would hate to see a useful forum become useless because of infighting or infiltration.

May dwell a pause of two marching paces and see what happens next.

I fully agree with P-S, I think its only fair to give Jenny the chance to reply, if She has altered the post perhaps She will give her reasons.

Oh dear, while I was living my life, UA decided to become a waste of air!

Mean while, I edited my post for a simple reason and I am entitled to this, just like any other member of this board. I am speaking as a member and not a MOD at this point.

UA can't seem to sink into that tiny brain of his that I do not care for his dislike of any female, any age in a higher position of him. I edited the post because I felt that my original reply was best suited as a PM in a fare jester. He chose to ignore this.

Let UA dig his own hole, I don't care.

Any one want a wet?

Edited: For UA's benefit, I made a a spelling mistake.

P.S. UA, do you know the meaning of a walt? If you do, you'd come to realise I am not that. Mind you, your becoming quite the oxygen waste bin :wink:

Edited: Only edited to let UA know I edited
Perhaps we could have a private Forum for personal insults, discussions, rows and similar. When you start to get personal then you can apply to the moderator of the FAA Forum to see if you have reached a level that would qualify you and your alter ego to join.

UncleAlbert wrote

I come on here to talk about navy stuff to navy people and would respectfully ask that if you want to bash on about your work and your social life in boring detail then you should stop abusing your position as moderater and go and start a blogg somewhere.

Thank you

Rum Ration is the not so barstard offspring of ARSSE, where there was and is room for posing a 'domestic' problem and posters who will give you advice (quality varies). No reason why RR should be different. Expecting it to be UncleAlbertcentric and be all about 18 feet thick armour, 100 inch guns and The Joss that could spot a defaulter over the horizon is bollox.

I don't know who UncleAlbert is on ARRSE (if UA is) but I know I and others (some with the same, others with different user names) belong to both. 'We' welcome anyone who is not a walt, an undeclared journo, out and out disruptive or slack jawed about names and cap tallies. Those serving, those who have served, those who will, those who won't, Percy, Crabs, friends and allies etc. etc. But neither ARRSE nor Rum Ration is my baby. Not Uncle's either.

I see no Mods abusing their position. Jenny, when you have a w@nker on the line, keep the line open, lay the phone down and go for stand easy.
Jenny - if you work for ladbrokes casino any chance of getting my monthly bonus early? Oh, and my house back ? lets not forget the shirt off my back!

Floppyjocky said:
Jenny - if you work for ladbrokes casino any chance of getting my monthly bonus early? Oh, and my house back ? lets not forget the shirt off my back!


Sorry! No Ladbrokes, however we do hold Ritz, UKBetting, TotalBet, Littlewoods on the english front. No sports books though :cry:
You have a dog for the postman; I have a cat for anything else!

Cold callers be aware of the cat!

Jenny, thanks for the loan of your cat, here it is all back in one piece and just a LITTLE more ROYAL LIKE.



Well earned RNR........

Is it me but did UA write something about being kicked out of or leaving a site for some reason or another when this site first stsrted?
dt018a9667 said:
Is it me but did UA write something about being kicked out of or leaving a site for some reason or another when this site first stsrted?

Surely not, unless the webmaster did not understand that UA stating how the site should be run was just words of wisdom from a superior being.

I do know of one site where he was told to leave if he did not like it (but he didn't) but that was due to the webmaster not understanding UA's wisdom, so should not reflect in anyway on UA.

Guess who will now be attacked by the great UA? If I only I cared, not that that will stop his bile.
So an old hand has left because a civvie and a person who didnt serve very long don't like his old fashioned attitude?

How very PC......such a vast improvement over the older lesser PC times.......What a fu*kin joy the forces must be to serve in nowadays.

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