to GAY or not to GAY that is the question

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by markp, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. I have gone through the recruitment process and am currently waiting for a joining date but just had one question I thought you lot might be able to answer honestly for me.

    I am just wondering what life is like in the navy for a gay guy, I know what the recruitment literature says, and know what it is meant to be like, but I also know that reality can be quite different, I have not found any other openly gay people in the forces to chat to so thought I would give this a go.

    I am not like a raving queen and don’t dress up in women cloths or run around with a limp wrist, most people don’t realise I am gay until I tell them, I guess you would say I am a normal lad just with different night time habits.

    I just wanted to know if people were generally grown up about it all, I understand you get the odd half wit in any work place, but in general are people ok in the navy or do I need to worry about getting my head kicked in or people jumping out of the shower because I jump in, like in the army, should I be open or keep it to myself.

    I don’t want to hear the equal opportunities rubbish, and no one will upset me if they are blunt so don’t feel like you have to be delicate, I would rather know the truth, no matter how harsh, now rather then when it’s too late.
  2. If as you say you act as any other matelot and do not suffer from the limp wrist and lisp then life in a blue suit should be OK for you.
  3. Giz a kiss and I'll tell you !
  4. PM Thingy, he's our resident expert on this.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What's the betting that "markp" is "Nails/Carcass", now that his "Mum" has busted him! :wink:
  6. Funny that i thought the same!!
  7. You could always ride the chocolate whizzway in the RAF, you could even camp it up!!!!
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer


    I don’t dress up in women cloths or run around with a limp wrist, most people don’t realise I am gay until I tell them, I guess you would say I am a normal lad just with different night time habits.


    Just as well you aren't going into the Royal Marines then!!!! :lol:
  9. Neither Slim nor I are limp wristed so you should have no problems.

    The important thing to remember is that stokers' hairy arses are like brillo pads.... AVOID! :lol:
  10. But you do have a Lisp STEVE :pottytrain2: PS Lukep has pinched your Paul Gadd Avatar :violent1: How very very dare you
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The services reflect society. There are those who are immature & intolerant, but the majority couldn't care less about your sexuality.

    There have been gay people in the Armed Forces since Armed Forces were invented.

    What does tend to irk some people is the apparent perpetual need of some individuals to proclaim their sexuality to everyone, even if they couldn't care less about it & then ask if there's a problem with that.
  12. As long as you don't want to wear a pink fluffy boa and march in the pride parades, who gives a rats??

    What you do in your time off is your own business - personally, I have a thing for college girls and I'm old enough to be their, well, big brother ;)
  13. After you with the college girls :p :oops:
  14. But are they REAL college GIRLS or Booties on a run ashore??!! :twisted: :D :lol:

    PS: Do you think Kaitais are the next evolutionary step from being a Bootie, or is it that all booties retire to hot and steamy places and ply their trade by seducing unwary RN matelots.... :idea: 8)
  15. I thought that was Liberace! :oops: :oops: :oops:

    I need Moomin to hold my hand and educate me who all these strange pop music icons are, what they look like and how to distinguish them from glittery Booties ashore. :D

  16. Like importuning in public toilets perhaps?
  17. I totally agree with Ninja Stoker in as much as you should keep it to yourself.
    For a fact, in the 60'/70's, you would quite possibly get filled in if found out. And not in a way you would like!

    I wonder if Homosexuals eye up other blokes in the shower room the way I would a nude woman. If so, I would not be too happy knowing about your ways. Like I said, maintain silence!!!

  18. they fcuking aint :)
  19. Guess it's changed now but in my time chutney ferrets were avoided at all cost.
    Having said that there was a secret blower going around the mess decks on the Vic,never caught and never came near me.
    I'm more tolerant now but I would say act normal,join in don't flout it and don't tap up your messmates.
    Heard a story in 65 that one did on a destroyer and went to Haslar with broom handle injuries!picked the wrong sailor I reckon!
    On the Vic an oppo wanted to learn the guitar,I taught him and when I was told he was a chutney I dropped him like a hot brick.Not because of his way of life more to do with what my mates would think of me spending time with him teaching.
    Got to have changed now.

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