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bit of an odd one, basically I stubbed my second toe on my right (starboard ;) ) foot a couple of weeks back. It gave me some pain for the rest of the day but that was all. Fast forward a couple of weeks to the present and haven't had any pain or such from it however it has become really quite loose to the point where it could quite easily picked off. I have my phone medical in a weeks time then my actual medical exam some point after that, obviously I will likely Tell them when speaking to whoever but I was just wondering in your opinion would it be better to remove or leave the nail be and also if I were to remove it could it potentially bar my entry to the navy. Sorry for the long post have a good one folks.


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Possibly it's a question best asked of your GP or NHS drop-in centre rather than the Navy.

Bottom line is you need to be able to run without hindrance in order to be passed fit to join.

Either way, good luck.


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Toe nails always grow back, not always the same, it will right its self in time, all depends when your fitness test will be?
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