To buy or not to buy...

I've been informed form various sources that it's a good idea to by some boots before you go off to Raleigh, that way having time to break them in before hand. I was wondering if people agreed with this and to ask if they have to be the "issue" boots or if I could buy a better model?

Thanks in advance guys! :w00t:

Hiya Dunkers,

I've got my No. 4's, inc. work boots but I was lead to believe that we would be doing running etc in combat boots when at Raleigh, hence the requirement to wear them in first?

I've only been training for 2 months so I am still very new to all this.

If I remember rightly you will be given a pair on loan when you get there, they have already been used a lot before, so will be well worn in etc.
If you bring your own boots they can only be worn on Dartmoor, you'll still have to use the loan boots on camp when you're doing things like the obstacle course and orienteering.

A few of us got blisters on Dartmoor using the loan ones, depends whether you'd rather have blister-free feet or keep the £50 it'd cost to buy some in your pocket. I went for the latter, but I'm a tight b***ard.

If you do buy some they don't have to be the same as the issue model. If you've already got some hiking boots just take them.
As a full timer there isnt that much running in boots. So as a reservist there must be even less. I woudnt bother if i was you. When cutting around camp they probably would only want you in issue boots any way.
Thanks for the tips guys. It will be a while yet before I'm there anyway, I've got my test next week so I'm still at the start of the process! :whew:



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Although it is some time ago now, we used to keep the old boots that had been handed back in on a one-for one basis and issue these on loan to new entries who had to run around a lot.

They of course had their new, smart boots for Divisions and Church Parades etc.

We found that by preventing sore feet and blisters this way allowed the new entries to get the most out of their training and stopped them being put on the sick list so it worked all round really.

Maybe your unit still does the same?

No need to buy combat boots of your own, but if you aquire any though your unit you could always take (and use) them. Bear in mind that it's one more thing to carry, store, take home, etc.
Walking boots for Dartmoor I would say are essential if you hate blisters. Combine any footwear for Dartmoor with decent socks (not issued!). Try these - well worth around a fiver a pair.


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Rub some vaseline on your feet mate. I know it's embarrassing walking into the chemists and saying "I'm going away with a bunch of sailors for two weeks. Can I have a tub of vaseline, please", but believe me it works!!!!

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