To any MN officers in the RNR

Hi guys,

I have done a search of the board and read previous posts of a similar vane.

I am a newly qualified (almost) MN officer and thinking of joining the RNR.

I was wondering if there are any other MN guys out there in the reserve who would be willing to have a quick chat with me?

I work 4 on 2 off, later 3 on 2 off (months), and I know that I would be on list 1 as a result.

I was just wondering about the realities of joining on home life and MN seagoing career, obviously if joined I would have no qualms about deploying. Just interested in talking to someone in my position really.




Lantern Swinger
Hi Rich;

I used to know a lot about List 1 but may be out of date a bit now (even though I still work in the industry myself).

Firstly, there should be a stack of MN who are List 1. How you join and your promotion used to depend basically on your MN qualifications. May have changed by now though!

List 1 used to have a suitable committment as well - 2 weeks training every 2/3 years if I remember correctly and two visits to the training centre a year which we used to cover in a special List 1 weekend.

There is I think little doubt that the RNR value LIst 1s - have just seen a friend here who is a Master and has asked to be retired gracefully as he can not do training/deploy but he remains on the active List!

I am however telling you how it was 15 years ago so you would be far better advised to wait until one of the regular RNR types respond.

Best of luck;

We are still recruiting serving MN officers into the RNR and you will be pushed towards AW (We are short of serving MN officers in AW). The balance we are looking at in AW is 1/3 MN, 1/3 EX RN and 1/3 through the regular RNR route.
You should be able to balance your home life/sea going life with the RNR, althouhgh the Initial 2 years through the YO process can be quite difficult. Stick with it and it gets easier once the YO training is out of the way. Once you have passed your OOW cert apply to join and you will enter as an A/SLT once you have passed the AIB.
Information has just been sent to the AFCO's re MN officers joining the RNR and how the Professional MN qualifications stand for entry into the RNR. If you have any problems pm me and we will get it sorted out.

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