To all those hoping to wear the Green Beret!!!!

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by schofnic, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. Pre Military Training
    If you are hoping to join any regiment of any service in the Military or you have been given your entrance date to start basic training and need to get fit, then Commando Fitness is exactly what you need.
    As ex-Commandos we know precisely the type of physical training and mental preparation you will need to ready yourself for basic training.
    Our Pre-Military class will put you through your paces and give you a vital head-start in basic training.
    There is no-one better placed to teach you than those who have been there.

  2. I think it is time for this lot to have their access terminated.
  3. I note from your website that neither of you were PTIs; perhaps former marines with that level of SQ training would be better placed??
    Also, I think using RR as a medium to advertise your new line of work is out of order.
  4. Well that is not really in the spirit of Bootnecks is it.
  5. Well gents. No I was not a PTI in the Corps, nor am I claiming to have been. But I have taken part in and lead enough phys sessions to be more than competant at doing it well. I am also qualified as an Advanced personal trainer and sports massage therapists. I have more than the knowledge and competance to take people for effective military style training. If you bothered to be aware the Corps is suffering at the moment as people turning up are just not fit enough. It actually disgusts me that two Bootnecks are not giving a 'good efort' to fellow bootnecks. Mind you I have come across many a guys like you, and from my experience they are generally never liked by the good blokes. So fellas, stay miserable and trying to put others down. suits
  6. One left after 7 year and one after 8.
    In the Navy they would be classed as Sprogs.
    Sports massgage therapists? Plenty of them in bangkok but they are smally girls..
  7. how much do you charge per hour in the local park? Your web-site did not impress me. I would have preferred if you both had been 22 year men. The dye in your beret is not dry yet.
  8. well you'd think so, but something alarmingly like a piece of wood poked me in the back when I was getting me hamstring seen to by one of those lasses.
  9. I can't bite my tongue anymore.

    There is some right miserable old necky ******* in here. I know this guy personally and he is a good bloke. ive served with him on operations and he is a stand up professional bootneck through and through. I dont know any of u fellas on this forum but unless u was in ww2 i would place a months wages that this guy has been in more contacts than u fellas put together. Theres guys winning MC's in helmand 3 years out the box, would u call them sprogs?? I very much doubt it. Bootnecks are supposed to be family, If Scoffs wants to earn an honest crust on civvie street and at the same time promote the corps in an extremely positively light then good on him. Theres plenty of tossers out there ex and still serving who are an absolute disgrace to the corps so lets leave the good guys alone shall we.

    P.s once a guy has proved himself in a combat situation he is no longer a sprog no matter how long he has served.
  10. Toys..........Pram...........Out
  11. That's just it sunshine, he's not promoting the RM, he's promoting his own company and he's using the RM as a vehicle to do that.

    No one here is discrediting any of the guys for what they have done, some normal RM/RN humour should be expected (if it wasn't forthcoming I'd be more concerned!).

    And yes, this family should look after it's own, but mind your fcuking lip when you come to digs about who's done and seen what, remember your quote "I dont know any of u fellas", you're right, you don't.

    Schofnic, good luck with the enterprise, I hope you do as well as you expect, but you might be better looking into the Newbies forums and offer advice, if it's wanted you may get business out of it.

    Rant over.
  12. quote.
    That's just it sunshine, he's not promoting the RM, he's promoting his own company and he's using the RM as a vehicle to do that. end quote.

    And you Sunshine never used the Rm to promote yourself when entering civvie street??


    End Rant.
  13. My entry to Civvie Street was involuntary, read through my previous posts you'll see why.

    I certainly did not use my RN service to my advantage when I left, although I make no secret about the fact I am very proud to have been a part of it, but that has taken a few years to recognise.

    I was not critical about Schofnic promotion of the RM, I was critical in the fact he was using it as a vehicle for a commercial venture.

    I will stand corrected, but I would imagine that Schofnic is very proud of the fact he did something a lot of others didn't, he will use that pride to his personal advantage, as many here have done, but very few will use it as a marketing ploy. The Royal Navy and The Royal Marines have not survived cut backs and decimation, defeat and victory, pride and shame to be used in that way.

    You are probably correct in that I'm a hypocrite, but not in this case.
  14. REF troopers last comments.

    Fella ,with all due respect to whoever u are, you are not a serving or ex bootneck, However i am and i feel that u voicing any opinions over whatever this guy does with HIS previous Royal marines experience is completely irrelevant and out of line, Before anyone comes back with any of this ''Marines is the Navy'' Bullshit, It will be falling on deaf ears I'm afraid and nearly every bootneck Im sure will agree with that. Im new to this site but Im positive this side of the forum is dedicated to Royal and anyone in it who is'nt probably has little credible imput.

    Scoffers all the best pal, u didnt go through all that hard graft in the corps to rot in tescos did ya!
  15. So what did we all do before hiring ex booties to get us fit.
  16. You old cnuts need to take charge of your fecking heads.

    Two ex Royal, looking to make a living and develop something positive and you fecking slag it down

    Sprogging guys who don't need their food cut up or have to wear inconti panties is sad as feck

    It typifies RR and is the reason I don't visit often

    I sometimes look on enviously at our Para brethren for whom solidarity and loyalty is the absolute norm, serving or ex (however missguided)

    Fcuking no marks
  17. ******* here here mate.
  18. Less of the old!!

    Can I knot ask a question laddie!! Without you going into a monthly rant!!
  19. Most bootnecks I know would have slung some shit back and had a good old banter.
    What's the world coming too.
    Babies :thebirdman:
  20. Lingyai,

    Why dont you feck off and get back to ur katoy bum loving! u pie eating, tube smoking, plums as feck old codger.

    Me NOT love you long time. haha!

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