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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by GSSR_Vvd, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Now i have sat and read the questions about what to take to Raleigh ect ect ect, all good but what i wanna know is what is your main reason to join? You can only say one so think carefully :thanks:

    Ahhh as a second thought aswell as the reason state how long it has taken from walking through the doors to getting your start date (if you have one yet?).

    I wanna join the RN because it is a career that will last me 22+ years.

    I havent got a date yet :afro:
  2. Real reason or sarcy one? 10-1 someone says; I want to fire a gun!

    It took me, maybe 3 -6 months, I stated once on here it may have taken me a shorter time but can't realy remember. I joined because it was a career and one my family who served loved, however, I am sure the dits they told me were made up, I never had anything like that!
  3. God I can't remember how long it took exactly I know it took me longer than few months as I had to have two medicals due to having a minor heart murmur. I had to travel up to Haslar to get checked over again. Also in that time I had an appendicitis as well lol

    I wanted to join up because I went on my brothers family day on board HMS Active and loved it. I thought yep that's what I want to do. I was 10 at the time. I did my a-levels and then joined up
  4. it beats working in the office, and far it's taken 9 months !!!
  5. My reason always sounds uber cheesy when said out loud so I apologise.

    The reason I am joining the RN is because I want to be part of something bigger than I am, and perhaps have the opportunity to make a difference. Sitting in an office designing fancy buildings for rich developers just seems… blah, careful and wholly unfulfilling.

    I think it was Anne Widdecombe (God love her) who said

    "Success gained only for oneself is worthless"

    She explained it far more poetically than I ever could, and with those few words summed up my reason perfectly.

    I hope that made sense, I have my sleepy head on this morning ***YAWN***
  6. I think the textbook answer to this question is:

    I am looking for a challenging, rewarding and long career, that will allow me to take my place as a constructive, proactive member of the team. After reading all the literature given to me by the AFCO, and from personal research. Its is my belief that the Royal Navy can offer me this :thumright:

    My Reason is:

    Ive worked in the engineering industry since I left shcool 7 years ago, first as an apprentice and later an industrial electrician. In this industry you can be out of a job, after been given 4 weeks notice, so really I am looking for job security. Like you said, you can serve for 22 years.

    Also the benifits of being in the forces, such as dental/medical care, leisure activities, adventure training, travel, education, and of course you get to fire a gun! Name me one civvy street employer that pays you to do all this.

    I earnt alot of money being an electrician, I will never earn the same in the Navy, but money isnt everything. I think its better to have job satisfaction, and I am hoping that this is what the Navy will offer me.

    I first applied Jan 2nd 2007 and Im at Raliegh on Nov 18th 2007.
  7. Hey there.
    Reason for joining is to have a safe and interesting career and not a boring 9-5 job where you could get the sack every 5 mins as I have experienced alot in the past.
    Been working in alot of jobs now and they all become very boring afer a short period of time as you are doing the same mostly everyday.
    Just looking for an interesting job where you could be doing various activities in different enviroments.
    I applied in april - may and just waiting on my date. The AFCO said it'll be round april
    :thumright: :thumright:
  8. Went to careers office in the April, joined i the October (1985)
    Reason for joining.........some bugger shut down all the mines and steel works in Wales and the only job left was as a red coat at Butlins in Barry Island!
  9. the reason why im joing well its because i realise now what a big mistake i made coming out of the army 4 years ago has been and that life on the other side of the fence is deffinatly is not better and alot harder than in the forces plus the money you can earn is eaten up with all the bills and taxes which you get sheltered from to a degree while serving ie rental prices of homes

    and im joining up on the 27th Jan 2008 a year after me starting the process
  10. Barry Island!? You made the right choice mate.
  11. still applying :)

    want to join because
    - i've always wanted to fly
    -i prefer the Navy to the RAF for many reasons
    - i would get soooooooooooooooooo bored in an office and probably kill someone...
  12. Good to see there are still people waiting :w00t:
  13. Not really, shagger - try being at the waterfront 'waiting' for those new recruits to join to fill the gaps that you and your men have to put up with. "Sorry dear, won't be home tonight, we've got a gap because our new joiner hasn't joined yet. Oh, and I'm 1-in-2 until we sail for a 12 week patrol in 3 weeks' time. Bye then..."

    Please can someone tell me why we have so many people waiting to join, and we're not getting them in fast enough??!!
  14. :dontknow: do i detect a hint of cynicism o_O or am i just being stupid? If you wanna know why there are so many people still waiting i am sure Ninja_stoker will be able to provide the answer. It has been mentioned in threads bafore. All i know is that i'm waiting because my dream job just so happens to be an over-subscribed branch which only has 40places a YEAR and i am number 36 on the list. Christmas 2008 start date (hopefully) :rendeer:
  15. Good point... If thats the case why are we waiting? :( I'd rather be in now than in april 08'.
    Hating the wait on my entry date. :threaten: :thumright:
  16. I had to wait a year longer than expected, the govt raised the school leaving age to 16. You had to be 15 before 1/9/72 and my birthday is the 2/10 so hence one extra year at school.... :toilet:
  17. Ive got 10 days left, starting to siht it a bit now 21oct07 is coming up fast!

    The main reason, was cos i was spot welding in a car factory an thought to myself, i dont want to wake up one day, be 50 an go "wheres my life gone?" Massive fear of mine!
    Good mate of mines in, told us loads of stories etc, an i thought who else can offer the opption to travel the world for free AND pay you for it!?
    Since walkin in the door its been about 13 month, 8month was th 'wait' for my Navy job, the other cos im a fat lad an the doc wouldn't let me forward till i'd lost a bit.

    cheers then!!
  18. im just procrastinating because i cant decide whether to go to uni first or not - my decision rests on how late the JSFs are likely to be - anyone know?
  19. If other MOD projects are anything to go by, don't hold your breath for JSF!

    Also, if you can get the UCAS points needed, I would always recommend Uni, especially if you're going to get a good type of degree (Engineering, Scientific, Medical, Maths etc), and if you can afford the expenses.

    If you can get the RN to sponsor you, even better.
  20. I first applied at the end of March 2007 as an Officer, went to the AIB on June 24th but very narrowly missed out, couldn't apply as an Officer anymore though because I turned 26 shortly after.

    I still badly wanted to join so I went back into my AFCO on the way home from the AIB at Sultan. Within the space of 3 weeks, i'd had my tests, interview, medical and PJFT and I was given my joining date on July 17th.

    I go to Raleigh in 6 weeks (25th November), walking into the AFCO way back in March was the best decision i've ever made. I'm sick to death of Civvy Street, I can't wait to leave the damn place and start a completely new life. Its all about my career from here onwards.

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