To all serving Petty Officers

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by TheCommunicator, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Call me sad but I quite like those massive, shiny epaulettes that have been issued over about the last 12 months or so. I think they would look OK on a foulie jacket or bush jacket

    They've stopped issuing them now and have gone back to the old ones and I can't get hold of any. I don't suppose anyone out there has got a set they don't want who could pass my way??? PM me yr details and I'll mail you a SAE, or even better we could use pussers mail!!

    Cheers and no flaming please, they're not that bad (having said that I've not worn them yet myself so not been on the receiving end of the stick!!!)
  2. Epaulettes ? ---- You can't beat sewing a rate badge onto a woolie and then seeing the stitches have shrunk in the wash !
    Must be a very cushy life now in the mob - do you guys get tucked in at nights too ? :lol:
  3. Just get some A4 paper from the xerox machine and draw some anchors on. They were about the same quality IMHO.

    Anyway mate. Get your buttons sorted and then not have to worry about those epaulettes anymore. ;-)
  4. brigham600 - I hate to say this but they have Chief ones which are even worse. Saw them today at work, couldn't believe how cheap and tacky they looked.
  5. Try ebay. They are selling them on there.
  6. On the plus side though - no one is going to mistake who you are. Try spotting what ranks the booknecks & pongos are from a distance greater than five yards.
  7. They weren't very good bootnecks then as you could actually see them. masters of camoflague and concelment :lol: :lol:
  8. Only when they shouted cause I didn't salute them. I did try to point out that matlots are generally not compatible with saluting, but some of them get ever so upset about it.
  9. They shouted at you!!! Can't shout in todays Navy the young matelots get very upset and claim harrassment and bullying. Bless them.

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