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To All MODs


Lantern Swinger
There is a serious thread on this forum which deserves more attention than you are giving it.

Other threads regarding AAC have been scathing of his postings. Whatever. At least he had the courtesy to post a very decent reply to my question which I am trying to help find out how we can address this issue.

Is RR dying is also another thread. If the very real desecration of war graves cannot get MODs attention and other members who might be able to help, then yes, RR is dying because it is getting bogged down in crap topics.

We all love the banter bit, I'm guilty of posting crap myself but when a real issue is out there and people defend RR because of gay discussions, then it seems to me the point is being sorely missed.

What is RR doing to help to sort this problem out? What role can RR play in this? Is anyone co-ordinating an effort with somebody on ARRSE so that those that care can actually try to do something about it?



War Hero
At the risk of this turning into another opportunity for the Mods to get a hammering, and I recognise that's not the point of the initial post, I'm not sure that it's the role of the Mods to co-ordinate this kind of thing.

A moderators job is to moderate content in the forum. Whilst there is an implied leadership role that really only surfaces when someone wishes to criticise the actions of a Mod when in their capacity as a regular contributor.

I'm not sure that RR is in a position to do something, but each of us as individuals can.

fwiw I know that this particular topic has been discussed elsewhere over about the last three years, I'm not sure that any conclusion about how to deal with it was actually reached.


War Hero
Mate what has thius topic got to do with MODS? Do you think we have super powers or something?. Its all up to all memebers of RR to get behind these topics,not just MODS. All I do is make sure people dont get OTT on the submariners forum,simple as that. You want a good topic then fecking post one. Put up or shut up.


Lantern Swinger
It's not MOD bashing that I'm looking for, I was trying to point out that there are serious subjects on here that even those who post items that are deemed unwarranted have a very good contribution to make.

If RR cannot contribute, then all I'm asking from the MODs is if they know of anyone who might be co-ordinating between RR and ARRSE so that I may get in contact with them. If the contact information that I have requested from a colleague of mine in Malaysia is of very good use to the subject matter, then that is all I need to know.

However, having posted on the original thread, I have only had two decent replys from members.
Karma said:
I'm not sure that RR is in a position to do something, but each of us as individuals can.

Yes threads that SHOULD get attention can always be bumped by adding a comment to try and draw attention to them. I agree, the site is getting bogged down with bickering and slanging matches. We are all our own worst enemies when all is said and done, we rise to bait insted of ignoring something that we should and I know I am guilty of that too (hands up to that one). Perhaps we all need to consider what is IMPORTANT as a thread and what should just be ignored and left to wither?
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