To all BattleFeild players


Clan TSG is now recruiting for new members and server admin.

Clan TSG (Tri Service Gamers) was formed about 4 months ago as a place for people connected to the military to gather and play a few online games.

Our membership consists mainly of ARRSErs with a sprinkling of Rum Rationers.
We are open to members of the Army, Navy, RAF – regular, part timers, or retired.
We’re not for under 18s (that means cadets) and we’d prefer to keep those of a waltish nature out.

Our main game is BattleFeild2.
We have our own ranked server which we are able to customise to play the various BF2 mods that are about or BF2142.

We have our own Ventrilo server which allows us to talk to each other online using voice over IP.

On a Monday night we meet on our server for a few games between us, on a Wednesday night we play against E-Goats game clan GLG.

We are constantly looking for new members to join us, right now we are also looking for more server admin who will enjoy more privileges to the games server than our normal members.

If you might be interested in joining us then please take a look at our web site and post your interest in the Join Us forum

Please note that many of the sites forums are hidden from unregistered users.
Hi Goku,

If I had known that a year ago I would've joined you guys but i'm a part of Renegade Squad now :)

Happy gaming mate!