to al royal marines!

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by peter84, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. hi, iv just changed my career from aet navy to royal marines, but the only thing that bothers me is my age, im 23 but 24 in oct 26th, would you say im over age now, iv been given a date which is 9th oct. i joined summer 2007 but had a few problems on the way which back dated me

    thanks for you advice
  2. Yes you will probably be a bit older than the rest of your troop but see that as an advantage not a disadvantage pete. It's no different than if you were joining the RN at that age.
  3. i have a friend who is in and he said there was a guy who passed out and he was 32. he thinks i am still young to join.
  4. No mate, you aren't young to join. As i said, you will probably be one of the older ones.
  5. Alright mate you made the right choice i was 23 when i joined the corp from the navy in 2006 after 5 years. The training is hard very hard but its worth it when you finished. The average age of my troop was 23.
  6. hi,
    yeah my mate said the average age was about 25-26, im just waitin for them to come back from summer leave then i can do my prmc and then lookin at roughly late sept.
  7. Don't think your age bother you, it will be probably be an advantage more than anything else. On my reserve forces commando course there was a guy who passed aged 39. 30 effin 9!
    Plus, males reach their peak ability for endurance exercise at around 29-30 so you will probably find speed marching etc easier than the 18 year olds in your troop.
    All the best.
  8. Re: to all royal marines!

    thanks mate,
    how did you find the PRMC, it looks tough but i looked it up on the web and via sit ups they ask for 20-80 in 2mins, press ups 20-60 in 2 mins, and other people say you have to reach the top mark to pass. what do you think i should aim for to pass comfortably
  9. Re: to all royal marines!

    Hey m8 im nothing to do with RM/RN, just wanting to join the navy. Anyway you dont need to get top marks on it all as i know someone who past with getting 15 press - ups etc but if you dont get good marks on them you have to make up with top marks on like your 3 mile run etc. Have a look at this website: WWW.PRMC.COM
  10. thanks mate,
    iv been training for about 2 months now and iv been doing roughly 35 press ups in 2 mins and 60 sit ups in 2 mins, 2.4 k run in 8.30 secs comfortably. but on the day adrenaline kicks in an you tend to push a few extra out.
  11. Sounds like to me that you are ok, from what i have seen anyway, ive seen people pass with what you are able to do, but that is also with gym test etc so it dont mean you will pass if you fail you gym test etc. Its also better to be able to do more so when you come to RT you will find it easy, well not easy but easyer. Also dont take me for word incase you dont pass with that, but i am sure you can if you pass your gym test etc.


    Good luck,
    Luke (Chicogiz)
  12. Hey peter, theres a description of the 3 days at PRMC on wikipedia Page here It shows you all the requirements and what you'll be doing over the course. If you havent watched it already, one of the presenters on Blue Peter did the PRMC and the videos on google video. Part 1 here You'll see the next 2 parts on the related videos column.

    Good luck with PRMC mate
  13. The best site to go on and ask is PRMC.COM as there are people in you position and people on there who have just passed/failed prmc.
  14. cheers buddy, i think im due to do it late aug early sept, il keep beasting myself and work hard, il let you know how i get on and check il out that web page meantime. thanks again
  15. Hey you got any advice to me as i have test to join the navy which i failed once.

    Luke (Chicogiz)
  16. The DS are watching for attitude, they are looking for 110% all the time, when I done my PRC there were guys fitter than me but every thing i done I gave was 110% only 8 out of 40 got through.

    good luck mate
  17. The PRMC may look like a piece of piss on paper if you look at what the minimal physical requirements are to pass, but like your man says it's all about effort. Doesn't matter how fit you are, on the bottom field and such like you will be hanging out your hoop big time but it's all about testing your "strength of mind".

    If you hear the well loved phrase "stop feeling sorry for yourself lofty!" then you know it's time to put in some more effort.
  18. the 8 out of 40 that passed, was you one of them, iv been told that its no walk over but if you give 110% every time via the run, gym test and bottom field you'l stand a good chance of passing, than the realy fit guys that breeze it and only give 80% and dont pass. i dont no what else to do via fitness to make sure i pass because i want it so much that iv got a bigger worry that il fail,
  19. Hey Peter, I passed my PRMC back in June with the following scores

    Pressups - 35 (You cant shake your arms out and do more which I found out to my peril)
    Situps - 56 (Make sure your knees are together when doing them & that your elbows touch the floor on the way back down)
    Heaves - 4
    Bleep Test - Level 11.9
    3 Miler - 9:54 (Return leg 1.5 mile)

    They're looking for effort and determination, not superman. Good luck to you.
  20. cheers mate, like i said my mate is in 42 and he said aslong as you dont quit and give 110% and do good you'l pass. and do you think im old to join at 23, 24 late oct.

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