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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Justthetip, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Seriously i had my pre med on the phone capita as discussed she got confused many times heard nothing chased and chased and chased.

    Today AFCO inform me I was placed TMU on 23/3. No notice to me or why. I am fittest I have ever been with no medical bars etc. GP swears blind he hasnt had any contact and pre med questions were all answered with only issue coconut allergy FFS.

    AFCO dont seem able to help capita wont answer their phones and gp cant do anythign without a reason .... It is like they DON'T want eligible people.

    Given at the start they 'rushed' the application through WTF is this about .... NOT HAPPY (rant over).
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to hear of your dilemma. The "T" stands for "Temporary" which suggests further information is required, either from your GP or a decision to be made by the Occupational Health expert or the Senior Medical Officer (Service Entries).

    To give a pointer, the medical standards on the RN website indicates specific dietary needs can be an issue, under "Abdominal and digestive disorders, including diet" :

    Also, the Joint Service Publication, paragraph 4E-10 indicates it could be a significant issue(attached below):

    Either way, best of luck.

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  3. Thanks Ninja if is the coconut i will be miffed, it is used in some cooking sauces, obv i couldnt not say but wish i had not.

    In any event they DIDN'T tell me they needed more info i was waiting around.

    At this point i shall take a bounty bar (can you still get them) and go eat it in the AFCO going SEE AM FINE NOW SIGN ME UP lol

    I will let you know !
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Either way, food allergies are not an AFCO issue, it's a medical shout unfortunately.

    As a matter of interest, how do you know you are allergic to coconut? Did you have a severe reaction, need an epipen or similar?
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  5. I realise that no worries.

    The coconut thing i kept being sick, not apahaltic or swollen just a hot flush and vomiting. Did the tests and it turns out coconut oil, desecated and basically any coconut. It is not a severe reaction and never been hospitalised etc. I simply get ill for hour / two.

    THE problem however is that many chefs, use coconut oil or milk to boost flavour and sometimes you dont know it is in the product as isnt listed !!.

    Is the ONLY thing i can think off !
  6. Just as a matter of interest, were your allergy tests arranged by your GP?
  7. Yes but he is a moron
  8. I assume that the tests were done at your local hospital. How do they test for coconut allergy, just out of interest?
  9. It was a series of bloods then on skin rash drops, then the one that reacted they went further down to a group of foods ... after that i basically tried them one by one like roulette and bingo - one coconut korma later i was bright pink !
  10. We had someone in my Raleigh class thrown out day 2 for an allergy he didnt declare.

    You'll get found out, and thrown out if you try and hide something that is on your record mate

    As far as i know, any food allergy is a bar
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  11. Erm who said it wasn't declared? It has been declared with evidence.

    As I never been hospitalised and the reaction is only a rash the guideline says was ok.

    App gp has a report / letter to fill in so will see what he says.
  12. There are so many grey lines, my son has been tmu for 9 weeks and no further forward, just waiting for GP to be paid before report is sent
  13. Try 14 months of TMU then you'll be in my league. But the call with good news all that time later is like winning the lottery (careers-wise)
  14. Its idiotic, loads of people keen on joining with nothing wrong waiting for a blooming doctor.
  15. 14 MONTHS !!!! I get the good news bit but seriously i will be told old to join by then literally !!
  16. Didnt your AFCOs tell you to take a full copy of medical records with you to your medical?
  17. Nope. I wish they had cos i have a copy of everything (nothing wrong in them) so i wish i had known ....
  18. My issue was picked up at my AFCO Medical so we can't all be tarred with the 'unprepared' brush... how often do you listen to your heart through a stethoscope
  19. My advice, chase. Not your AFCO, the ball is in your court so chase DR, Secretary whoever. If you need it/want it go get it. Unfortunately I wasn't top of anyone's priorities until I put myself there. Politely, of course
  20. My son was never told by anyone to take medical records but I really wish someone had said, the doctor he saw said it would all be sorted in 4 weeks so was made tmu for 4 weeks! But he's just waiting for a payment to the GP! The GP has even phoned him to find out what's going on? Do they still want the report? As its ready to send

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