TMU wait after sending in supporting documents


Hi All,

I was declared TMU, however the doctor that covered the TMU was overseas, I have since spoken to the doctor and received the necessary documents and sent them off to Capita last week, but I have not heard anything since. Any ideas on how long it will take to respond to me?

Also I found out that they have also contacted my UK GP, as the records are not at my UK GP they won't know anything about what I was declared TMU for. I am just worried that Capita is now waiting on my GP in the UK even though I have sent in the documents required, and worse case that my GP here responds and says they know nothing about it which confuses Capita further. Should I contact my GP and ask them to either ignore the request or respond that it has been covered?

I did tell the nurse during my triage call that I would have to contact my overseas doctor to get the documents, but they still contacted my local GP as well.

Any advice is appreciated


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