TMU reasons and outcomes

Gday lads, moved over from down under specifically to join the Marines.. Then came the medical..

Pronounced TMU for a sprained ankle (not broken) which happened over 4 years ago and also for getting knocked out in rugby over 5 years ago. Neither have needed treatment since the incidents

GP back home wrote letters explaining what happened and even ended the letter with "...'aussiepom'... Has no medical injuries or illnesses relevent to him joining the navy." I though that would have given me the go ahead to pass medical but the Capita medic TMU'd me again last week saying "we need more information" but not specifying exactly what they need information on...

Just wondering if anyone is in the same boat, or came up with anything similar in their medical?

Thats capita for you.. I think they need seperate hospital records on the "concussion", but then again, i have no idea what further info they need..


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The problem is that a GP stating "Has no medical injuries or illnesses relevant to him joining the navy" is a waste of time unless your GP is a qualified RN Medical Officer, familiar & conversant with the medical standards for entry. Clearly he/she isn't unfortunately.

We always advise overseas applicants to bring a full copy of their entire medical history with them to avoid delays such as this.

The specific details required are the date of injury, specific injury details (location, type, extent, complications), investigations/tests undertaken, treatment, medication, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, limitations, mobility, etc.

Best of luck.
I got knocked out and fell down a stairwell during a store ship 1957. The beef sick bay tiffy waved some smelling salts under my nose and it was carry on. How times have changed!

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