TMU Help please!!

Hey all, I have been following this site for a while now, ever since I put my application in for the Royal Navy for AET or "WAFU" four months ago, and this is my first time posting.

I passed my RT two months ago and finally had my triage medical phone call last week, and unfortunately I was told I am now temporally medically unfit for naval service. Absolutely gutted!! After such a long wait I've hit a brick wall. The reason they gave me was because I broke my right arm over three years ago and had to have an operation to put it back together with plates and screws. the metal work is still there so they have requested medical clearance and records from my GP. I visited my GP almost two years ago to see if everything was okay , and had x-rays done and everything was fine, I even went back to my GP to check what he honestly thinks and he said it shouldn't be an issue, and said in my medical record there is no abnormality with it. I don't have any problems with my arm at all anymore, I can do normal exercise from the Royal Navy "get fit to join" plan without any trouble.

So as you can guess I am really panicking right now. This is my dream job and I have been working so hard for it. And now everything has gone tits up! My question to you guys is do you think I'm screwed? will I still be able to join? Also if so how long do you think I will have to wait to find out? the suspense is killing me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Temporary, means...wait for it, temporary.

What your civilian GP knows or thinks, unless qualified in the armed forces medical profession has little bearing on your medical suitability to undergo the physical rigours of military service, unfortunately.

Generally, whilst not able to give definitive medical advice myself... for entry, plates, pins, screws & other internal metalwork needs to be removed unless entirely necessary as it otherwise indicates significant underlying damage. That said, if there is 100% range if movement, strength, etc, then it could be OK - then again, if there is, why is the metalwork still there?

Best of luck.
Thanks for the reply ninja.
The metalwork is still there because apparently it would have caused far too much unnecessary trouble if it were to be removed. The orthopaedic doctors I met with a while back told me it wouldn't be worth removing it because there would be no long term issues with the metal work in place also because it would take almost a full year to recover from the operation. it was not fun at all in the first place getting it put in, took me a year and a half to regain strength in that arm. I definatley do have full range of mobility in the arm and full strength now. And I highly doubt the NHS would agree to an operation to have it removed if I don't really need it. I understand you cannot give a qualified medical opinion however in your own opinion do you think the doctors from capita wont allow me into the service?
Again really appreciate the reply ninja. I have read it and my worries have been drastically reduced. Hopefully with my next medical I should be okay.

So my gp has cleared me himself and said there should be no issues with joining the navy. He sent my medical records over to capita about 3 weeks ago now. Just wondering if anyone here can tell me roughly when capita will get round to reviewing my case. I gave them a ring last week, tbey confirmed thwy had recieved the paperwork and they pretty much just told me to wait. I'm keen on waiting but It would be nice to know if anyone has similar experience on the matter. Are we talking another few days, weeks, or months??


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Unless your GP is also employed as an AFCO Medical Examiner, they are not in a position to determine medical suitability for service. They can express an opinion, but their opinion may not always align with the definitive medical standards for entry.

Hopefully your Doc is right, but beware assuming the outcome until confirmed - usually within about 4 weeks upon receipt of the required medical information.

Good luck.


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WoW! I have a similar story!

Applied in February to rejoin as an AET, currently TMU due to a motorcycle accident two years ago where I sustained a fractured scaphoid and a few cuts which required stitching. Never had any other issues or underlying issues. Various broken bones through my childhood (wasn't an issue when I applied and joined 16 years ago so I am not worried about that).

Capita confirmed everything was received on the 23rd Sept and is currently being processed and I just need to wait. In the meantime I am passing my 2.4km runs now with a 30 second 'buffer' and I am working on increasing that.

It's so frustrating though :(

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