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I just had a couple questions regarding the role of TMO and LO:

1. Are the Navy recruiting TMOs and LOs now?

2. Is it possible to do the AACC course as a LO?

3. When completing the AACC course as TMO, what would your role consist of?

3. Do TMOs get any seatime?

4. Roughly, how often do LOs spend time on sea every year?

Thank you !


Can comment from LOs perspective.

1. Yes, but it is competitive when compared with other branches, due to lower eyesight or education requirements there's alot of candidates through what is, sometimes, called "self selection".

2. It's possible, but you'll need the fates to align in terms of what appointment/draft (job) you get and what line manager you get. The course takes you away from your core role and many line managers, even the green ones, would rather you were doing your job as a pusser well before you go off and do AACC. For many there are early aspirations to do AACC but this changes over time and they opt for other things for a variety of reasons personal and professional. It's certainly not a guarantee.

4. Best not to view it as a "per year" statistic. You'll do a draft at sea as a SLt or Lt which can last from 12 to 30 months; in this time you may go to sea alot or not at all. You may get lucky and do a detachment as a Squadron LO in that time which could be a deployment like COUGAR or an exercise like Joint Warrior. That said, the breadth of jobs out there is significant and you can get op tours on land, foreign service etc.

You'll do another draft as a Lt Cdr if selected and again as a Commander if you're lucky and good enough. After that not so much but that's true of almost all branches.


Lantern Swinger
1. BRNC tend to take ~6 TMs per intake in May and Sep. The AFCO can give an up to date picture but this has been steady state for years now. Entry tends to be very competitive, even without the 27k joining bonus.

3a. There are TM posts at CTCRM and other RM units. The green lid is not an operational requirement here but does give a certain amount of credibility. The operational roles involving this skillset are less defined, the RN will make use of it however they can. If that involves going somewhere hot and sandy, so be it. Regardless of lid colour, most schoolie posts are shore-based.

3b. TMs (common with all officers*) get 6 weeks initial sea time while at BRNC. They now also do 15 weeks common fleet time after commissioning (as a Mid or SLt). When fully trained, there are (out of around 200) probably less than 10 posts that are afloat, most notably on the QE-class carriers. The LDO(Ops) role is notionally shore based but involves visiting seagoing platforms for weeks at a time.

*except medics

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