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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with some information.
I am hoping to join the Navy as a TMO and was wondering is this role currently undersubscribed or is there lots of competition for it? I know certain roles are competitive. I have my recruitment tests next week and then I know there is an AIB after if I am successful could anyone help with info on the AIB I know its a 2 day course at HMS Sultan but is anyone doing their training for this role or has recently done the AIB who could help with some advice and advice about the role. I really want to join and really like the look of the job too.



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There's shortage of TMOs, to the extent the entry parameters are as broad as they have ever been. Now is as good a time to apply as any.
Oh good that's encouraging :) I just have to pass the RT and then pass the AIB which I have heard is hard. If they are short of TMO's are they likely to be more willing to have me, and be less picky in a way. Positive thinking!!
After my RT will I have to do a sift interview? which I am guessing is an interview for my chosen branch role, will this be after my tests on the same day or at a different point? For a TMO does the 50% pass mark still apply in the tests or will I need to gain higher?


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You'll have a brief, initial officer career interview after the recruit test, based around the carefully completed Officer Application Questionnaire you arrived with. This is to confirm where you are with your preparations and where you need to be for Sift. Make sure you bring ALL educational certificates.

After this you'll be given forms to complete and return, we like forms.

This entails getting an eyetest at a local opticians, and returning the optician report form together with a medical questionnaire. Upon receipt of both, your AFCO will book a medical examination - in my region it takes a month or more to get an appointment, so don't delay getting the forms returned.

After passing the medical, you have four weeks to take and pass the Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT). Then the formal Sift interview, prior to being booked onto AIB.

Pass rates vary, but obviously, you're looking at giving AIB 100%.


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Just because the Branch is short, it does not mean that standards will be comprimised in order to facilitate you passage into the highly coveted world of the Training Management Officer. Remember you are aspiring to be part of the intellectual glue that holds the rest of the Royal Navy together. Where are you in the country? You may well try and get yourself a visit to a Naval Base where you might sit at the metaphorical feet of a Schoolie and glean some information about that illustrious branch. Good luck, and remember the Naval Officer is not about being academically gifted, it's about the potential to lead.
I am based in Plymouth so could maybe try and get into Drake or Raleigh to speak to someone perhaps. Do you know of anyone who is a TMO that I could speak to? or is going through the training just to make some contact?
Many Thanks
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