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I'm in the pipeline for TMO and I've been wondering about career prospects for the branch. The literature says they're fairly good; 12 out of 100 were promoted to LtCmdr the previous year. Is this just a blip or is the branch as good as any other for promotion?

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As long as you are aware there are very few seagoing appointments, then it is a good branch with pretty similar career prospects to all others.

Hopefully @Trainer can give you a few branch-specific pointers.


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As the Navy is looking to take 300 officer posts to convert to ratings I would suspect that the TMO will reduce to support this initiative far more than any other branch where there would be direct operational capability/generation impacts.

As N_S states the career prospects are broadly similar to other branches at the moment.


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Hello, Corriere...

If you want a branch with high promotion prospects then become an engineer. If you want to spend most of your time ashore, and go home to your spouse and kids at night (mostly), then TMO may be attractive.

Promotion bulges do happen -12????? as Frank Sinatra said, that would be a very good year. What you do not see are the lean years where people sit in zone and do not get picked up, and then are 'too old'.

Far better to get a transfer from ICC to CC and get to the 16 year point, and hence pensionable.

When I started at the top secret engineering training establishment I'm sat in at the moment, there were 12 Lts and a Lt Cdr in this building. There are now 1 Lt (out of branch holding officer) and a S/Lt. Its not a great growth industry in all ways and shapes.

You take your chance when you choose your branch. Having said that. I'd do my time again tomorrow, but my Avatar reads 'The Sea Shall not have them' for a very good reason.

By the way, have you ever read any careers literature that says, 'Prospects are really shit, don't join us'. Just sayin' LOL ;):D. Best of luck in the pipeline, I hope you have an enjoyable and rich career.

Fellow traveller @wave_dodger sums it up well in his first sentence...

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