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Evening ladies and gents,

First, a caveat, I've been lurking unregistered for a week now and with the aid of the search function and mighty google have read the threads from last Oct going back to 2011 on the TM job, so hopefully the questions to follow will be pertinent and a bit informed at least.

I am a serving soldier, with family, looking at opportunities to commission. I am a graduate and have found I enjoy both training dev, training delivery and management of pretty much anything, I don't mind what I'm doing as long as I can be in the lead. I feel and have been told on a number of occasions I may have outgrown what being an OR can offer me.

I've recently been on a tri-service course where I mentioned I was looking in to the Army ETS branch, someone told me to look in to the Navy schoolies, so I did and I am intrigued! Opportunities to work with Royal, with SM and a variety of jobs both training and CAPs. Good progression to Cmdr and potentially up to star level (this needs quantifying though I think?) I do have some concerns though, so if you're still reading and can help, here goes!

- BRNC as a family man and currently serving; will I lose pay and what's the current sketch with leave, phones etc please? I understand there is block leave and that is at risk owing to AT and whether the IFT ship is about to set off or not around the leave dates? Is there scope to stick the family in a vaguely south-west Englandish quarter for the duration of training and beyond?

- Schoolie trade group - the branch look like they're lining up with ETS and RAF Pers Branch regarding more of a management/Org Dev/Trg Dev role away from the Engineering. Is this a positive for their survival? We have an election on the way - is the RN under threat again and will the branch survive contact again? I know it will be speculation, but informed speculation is what we plan Ops on so I'll take it. Also, realistically, what ranks are available above Cmdr. I know that "we" take our officers out of capbadge at Col/Capt_RN level, is it the same for you or are jobs set at branches all the way up? Being ridiculously ambitious for the sake of the question, is 2SL minutely possible?

- Officering in the RN - If I am honest, the closest I've come to the Navy is a visit to Bulwark and piss up in pompey, I'm not viewing that as a bad thing but I honestly don't know much about Navy-ing. I do know about jointery and defence and military stuff though. Is there anything I should strongly consider if I were to apply to cross over in to this branch?

Thanks for any answers at all.
I'm going through a similar process to yourself. I'm finally approaching the final stages of my transfer from the Army with my AIB in a couple of weeks. As far as I'm concerned that I should be dropping pay when entering BRNC as I'm still going to be recognised as upper yardman (Commissioning from the ranks), so they should be taking previous service in to account. I am also concerned that BRNC will take its toll of my personal life, however I'm come to terms with the fact the first 10 weeks is going to be a write off, also a quick search on DII has found the timetables at BRNC, which is quite interesting to see exactly what they get up to.

I am transferring to the Fleet Air Arm as a ATCO, I've been informed that there trade the highest rank is Commander, so indeed similar to the army above LtCol is staff rank.

I'm not sure if anything has been any help, but should you have any questions, such as the transfer I'm happy to help, as I'm going through it now.
hi Robbie, thanks for getting back to me, 168 views and 1 reply, either TM is a tiny branch or they don't like Army-types!

I'm yet to find the rules on the Navy transfers and seniority, I unearthed Army and RAF today and noted a big difference in approach so I assume the RN will be different too. Its useful to know they will be treating you as UY on commissioning though.

I'll have a look on DII for the process. I'm attracted by the idea of a complete change as opposed to jumping back in to the Army, a fresh slate etc. could be great.

How did you find convincing your CoC? Mine is relatively dismissive of other service options at the moment in comparison to Army commissioning (supportive of this).
No problem, I also looked at the RAF. I've noticed that the RAF will time of your service into account with regards to Quals, IE you won't need A-Levels if you've done enough time. I've found the Navy to be fairly rigid with that sort of stuff, same as if i had joined as a Civvi.

My CofC have been supportive. CO seemed happy that i was willing to try something different and was happy to sign my paperwork. Only took 3 months from when i expressed interest to having my first interview with the Navy. First peace of advice is do everything yourself and not expect you Sqn 2IC to do it for you. I was even impressed with Glasgow, only took them a week from me sending in my app till them processing it and sending it to the Navy.

Your first point of call should be Lt Cdr Monkcom with CNR. He is responsible for Officer transfers, I'm sure you will find him on DII. Express your interest to him and he will no doubt ask you to confirm your education etc. Then he will email you the transfer paperwork, fill it in, get your CO to sign it then its off to your desk officer in Glasgow who is responsible for transfers in your Corp. Next thing you know the local AFCO will contact you to arrange an interview and the n you're in their hands.

Any more questions let me know.

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