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TMO Acquaint Course

To punt a random guess, the clue is probably in the word 'acquaint'. What the Navy calls acquaint, others may call insight, look at life or work experience. There's nothing to catch you out unaware, just a chance to gain a look-see at what TMOs actually do, day to day, the range of employment opportunities, the good, the bad, the downright ugly and an opportunity to gain an honest appraisal of the job by meeting and talking to those who do the job already.

I'm guessing there are no Commando Tests, Firefighting or Damage control evolutions, leaving harbour briefs, Dunker drills or Sea Survival elements on the acquaint although they may make reference to them as some TMOs may well have experienced them at some point of their service career.
@Ninja_Stoker is bang on the money. You'll get to chat to the key player TMOs at that top secret engineering training facility located in the Gosport area. Shown around, and be given an idea of what the training pipeline and series of jobs (sorry I won't use the term career structure) , for a TMO is. You may even get a curry lunch.

Unless of course, you come on one of the acquaints I organise, which will include at some stage in the day, me taking you over to the Gym and breaking you.

Enjoy - I may even growl at you in the corridor if I see you.

Feeling quite proud at the moment because one of my protégés is about to start Dartmouth as a baby TMO.
Just to add, if visiting Sultan, you will also get to meet the typical student you will be training/teaching. The difference, obviously, with regard the calibre of the trainee is that some will also be graduates, some won't have a GCSE to their name but they want to be there (mainly), they are getting paid to be there and it is in their interests to pass the subjects you are instructing in order to further their career.

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