Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tlamdweeb, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Rubbish, it missed the aircraft and landed in a field.
  2. It's not an anti aircraft weapon......
  3. Ah well Karma, my little pun fell on deaf ears, are you always so serious?
  4. And some fell on stony ground!
  5. Pretty much, I'm also extremely tired at the moment.
  6. Nice opportunity for sponsorship on the side of the missile.

    **** you Islam! Brought to you by the Glasgow Airport Authority!
  7. Wheres me shed gone and why is there a pile of scrap lying in me croft???

  8. That's just bloody typical, go straight for the most obvious target, have you not seen anything of the news? Eh? Have you go not clue at all, just blindly insulting anyone?

    It should read "....British Airways Authority...."

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehe :thumright:

  10. Yes, I'm a Scotsman.

    But why would I want independance when the first thing Alex Salmond will do is push taxes through the roof? F*ck that mate.

    I'm all for walking around in a kilt, especially over here as it's tipping the high 40's and I'm on my second shirt of the morning.

    Sporrans are deadly in the wrong hands and require appropriate licensing.

    Why should York be sacked? What's he done now?
  11. Who the hell are these British Airways Authority????????

  12. F*ck knows, seemed like a snappy comeback at the time.....what does BAA stand for then?
  13. British Airports Authority
  14. x4ndYou beat me to it. Wasn't that hard work?

    Hig; you'll need to explain the pun for thick buggers like me as well. Having said that, if I have to ask the question, I probably won't understand the answer.
  15. D'Oh

    I of course knew this, but was merely injecting a deliberate error to see who was still awake.

    Well Done.

    Which way is the door?
  16. On the RN website it says we are buying only 64 of them- I thought we would need more than that for all our SSNs?
  17. That's the number of Block C we bought originally as well. Guess what hit the fan as soon as they started being used! Several smaller top-up orders since I'm led to believe.
  18. Two things - first, not all SSNs will have been mod-ed for the new ones, and second, they ain't cheap! Pretty cool weapons, though:

    "Fly through that window"

    "On second thoughts, go through THAT door way"
  19. What! we are actually goint to use them? the stores bod WILL be unhappy, you know how much they cost?

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