Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scousesubmariner, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. i'm sure many of you have been witnessing the ongoing spat over whether a self confessed nonqual can call himself a submariner and us deeps being strongly against it. without it becoming a character assassination what does everyone else think, is it right for someone who hasnt earned their kissing kippers to call themselves a submariner. and for the General Service reading this is just a pride thing so don't go off on one ok.........
  2. This is a website.

    For all we know you aren't a scouser OR a submariner.

    Put your toys back in your pram and be thankful that some young lad is excited about being a submariner. Get over it.
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    If everyone truly reflected their name or avatar then this place would be truly strange! Did 'Deeps' really serve on U-Boats in WWII? Am I really a 'Sergeant'? Is the Site Adminstrator really a 'Bad Commanding Officer'?!

    Maybe ETME_S picked that name in anticipation of a long and fruitful time on RR. Would be pretty pointless of him to change his from 'wannbe MESM_S' to 'MESM_S' once he kissed his dolphins?

    Pay more attention to what people are saying, rather than what they are called. Not really worth getting THAT worked up about, is it? :roll: :lol:
  4. Scouse I went through this with him last night. In short he cannot be made to change his name,and as long as he sticks by the rules well there is no reason that he cannot enjoy his time on RR. However it is a matter of intregrity I guess. I worked my ass off to get my Dolphins and with them Dolphins came the title submariner.A title that not matter what I do now in the my army career will remain my proudest.Its up to him if he chages his log on. However if and when he gets his Dolphins ,his cap tally,his white sweater and beer gut.He will look back on this topic and know exactly what we are on about.
  5. its a little different SGT .Submariner is more than just a title.Same happens on arrse when young lads sign up as ''para'''' airbourne'' etc etc .
  6. as i said yesterday to deeps i've never claimed to be qualified as im not im not going to change my username so thats the end of it from me
  7. i understand what your saying mate and i'm not having a go at anyone, but could you imgaine the uproar if bought myself a green lid and started calling myself 'Royal' just in anticipation. like Deeps and all the other Submariners ive worked hard for my dolphins and to call myself a submariner and for someone who hasnt done it well to me it denegrates the name.
  8. ETME said last night he didnt want to change his name because he didnt want to lose his medals(RR ones that is) Well change your name and donate a few quid to the site and you can have loads of medals.Your what we call a WALT .
  9. As SPB says, concentrate on what people are saying.
    ETMESM hasn't ever brought the name of "Submariner" down to the best of my knowledge, unlike some others I could name.
  10. First off lamri i did ask that this wouldn't become a character assassination so don't have a go at me, secondly ETME did i ask you in this thread to change your name? thirdly i am a scouser and submariner and i wouldn't pretend to be anything else
  11. No, he isn't a Walt in the true sense of the word Deeps, is he really?
  12. Oh here comes to fire brigade to help our poor young lad ETME.If your not a submariner you would not understand.
  13. Are you?

    Thats my point isn't it!
  14. not a walt deeps am who and what ive said i am but you dont like it becouse ive got submariner in my name as you said i havent broken any rules so im staying as i am
  15. You're no more of a submariner than anyone else who got his dolphins and then fecked off mate!
    I was once a Royal Marine, do I harp on about it? No, because thats a past life and my experiences are no longer relevant!
    And as for "fire brigade", wouldn't YOU jump in if someone was being bullied in a public online forum and you didn't like it?
  16. I will always be a submariner mush. I still wear my Dolphins on my uniform. Its a qualifcation as well as a decoration. As for our guy ETME he says he is a submariner(in his title) he is not.
  17. if youve got hr admin rights to JPA then PM me and i will give you my Service Number and you can check ok, like i said dont have a pop at me i am just looking for opinions ok. many years ago i done the PRC at lympstone but i dont call myself a royal marine, better men than me have worn dolphins/pegasus/daggers i know when to wind my neck in when it comes to experiences and will always take my hat off to anyone who has earned any badge of honour the point is if you havent earned the right to wear the aformentioned quals then dont call yourself submariner
  18. yeah but ive never said im qualified
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Scouse: Obviously the respect doesn't extend to those who have earned the right to wear Crowns! Bet you're not as gobby when the Provost are offering you a free lift back on board or we're sorting your mail out... :lol:
  20. My my, don't we all get worked up over the silliest of things. I personally am ex Royal Navy, of which I am proud of, but I'm also an ex Ganges boy, ex Communicator, an ex Hermes, ex Intrepid, ex Norfolk, and ex Submariner etc - ALL of which I'm also extremely proud of and can bore people to death with my dits of my time in the RN, both General Service, Shoretime and Submarine Service. Members names seem to range from the strange to the obvious, but all (I assume) will mean something to the individual, which is why he/she chose it in the first place. A name of "Deeps" or "BomberQueen" immediately implies (to me anyways) that this person either is/was in the sumarine service, however not all of those are or who contribute to the "submarine" threads have quite so obvious descriptors, myself included. Unless someone is blatantly living in their own imaginary world, then I don't see what harm it does with whatever you wish to call yourself. I'd thought about changing my name to BigDick but I'd no doubt be taken immediately to task over it, and it certainly doesn't mean that I have...
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